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Under the Dark Wing 
Written by: on February 14th, 2014

Theatrical Release Date: USA, 2014
Production Company: Creepy Kid Productions
Approximate running time: 15 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 Anamorphic Widescreen

Director: Christopher Di Nunzio
Writer: Christopher Di Nunzio, Pedro Alvarado
Cinematographer: Nolan Yee
Composer: Christopher Di Nunzio
Cast: Jessy Rowe, David Graziano, Fiore Leo, Keith Bennett, Christopher Di Nunzio

Synopsis: A hit man fails back on old addictions after failing to complete his last job. And during this botched job he also let a mysterious woman connected to the person he was supposed to kill vanish into thin air. Unable to follow through on his boss’s last request, other hit men are sent out to find this mysterious woman and silence her once and for all.

The narrative for this film is lean and to the point with not a single second wasted. All the main players and their motivations are laid out with crystal clear clarity. Visually the film takes on a film noir look that perfectly suits the story at hand. Another area where this film holds up really well is the way it uses ambient sounds to make up for the sparseness of soundtrack.

And performances from the entire cast are great, especially Jessy Rowe, in the role of the mysterious young woman who leaves a trail of dead bodies in her wake. Her character can best be summed summed up as an instrument of death that is equally holy & unholy. Another performance of note is Fiore Leo (Livestock, Her Heart Still Beats) in the role Johnny Boy, the hit man that let the mysterious woman gets away. This character is by far and away the fleshed out of all the characters that appears in this film. And he gives a compelling performance of an addict thrust over the edge and back into old habits.

Having now seen three films by Christopher Di Nunzio the thing that blew me away the most about Under the Dark Wing is how much he has grown as a filmmaker since Livestock. Also it is so exciting to not only see, a filmmaker improve upon there craft, but start to establish their own unique identity that sets them apart from their peers. The future looks very good Christopher Di Nunzioas as a filmmaker if Under the Dark Wing is any indication of what is yet to come.

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