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They Call Me Bruce? 
Written by: on December 27th, 2004
They Call Me Bruce? They call me Bruce
Theatrical Release Date: USA, 1983
Director: Elliott Hong
Writers: Tim Clawson, Elliott Hong, David Randolph, Johnny Yune
Cast: Johnny Yune, Margaux Hemingway, Raf Mauro

DVD Released: April 29th, 2003
Approximate Running Time: 85 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1:33:1 Full Frame
Rating: PG
Sound: Dolby Digital Stereo
DVD Release: Madacy Entertainment
Region Coding: Region 1 NTSC
Retail Price: $9.98

“I am a sex object. I always ask women for sex, and they object.”Bruce

The film opens with a young Jun AKA Bruce as he talks to his grandfather who lies on his deathbed. Before his grandfather passes away he imparts with him some of his wisdom “The most important thing in the world is broads” and that Jun should go to America to find his dream. Years later Jun is now a cook for the head of the west coast mafia and he gives Jun the new name Bruce because he thinks Jun looks like Bruce Lee. The mob has suffered some recent hit from the feds who have confiscated their drugs through sting operations that has lead to discontent from the lead mafia boss who resides in New York. Bruce accidentally becomes a hero after he uses his nunchakus to help apprehend a man robbing a convenient store. With Bruce’s new found celebrity the mob enlist his help to deliver their drugs that have disguised as flower on a cross country road trip that ends up in New York. Will Bruce fulfill his dying grandfathers’ last wish or will something happen to him before he can reach New York.

Unlike the Bruceploitation films of the 1970’s that tried to capitalize of the image of Bruce Lee by trying to recapture the essence of their fallen hero. They call me Bruce goes a different route as it focuses more on comedy aspect of impersonating/replacing Bruce Lee which is also one of the films strongest attributes. This film is filled pop culture references that were hip at the time and when watching the film now they are even more appropriate then ever. A running gag in the film is when ever Bruce is in trouble instead of fighting he tries to talk his way out by describing what he is going to do to his opponent. Like classic marital arts films of the 1970’s they call me Bruce employs the use of popular music using music from James Bond, Saturday Night Fever and Rocky when Bruce goes into his training mode when he want to be more like the real Bruce Lee. There is some minor fight scenes including one in slow motion still nothing that ever comes close to the skill of the real Bruce Lee. Whether Bruce is romancing with the ladies or talking jive with the brothers he is always a laugh a minute.

The DVD:

They call me Bruce is presented in a full frame aspect ratio that preserves the films original aspect ratio. The colors are look good and the flesh tones look natural through out. There are no problems with artifact’s or compression. The overall source material used by Madacy Entertainment is in really good shape and it is one of their best releases to date.

Two audio options have been included for this DVD the films original English language track and a Spanish audio track. Both audio tracks are presented in a Dolby Digital Stereo. The audio is clean through out and the dialog is always easy to hear and understand. No subtitles have been included for the Spanish language track.

Extras are limited to the films original trailer and trailers for three other Madacey releases. I never really expected a B-film like they call me Bruce to ever be released on DVD so the lacks of extras is a non issue.

They call me Bruce is a must see film is you are a fan of Bruceploitation and Madacey’s DVD is available for an affordable price.

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