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Tales of Voodoo Volume 1 – Jungle Virgin Force/Hell Hole 
Written by: on January 31st, 2006

Theatrical Release Dates: Indonesia, 1983 (Jungle Virgin Force), Indonesia/Philippines 1983 (Hell Hole)
Directors: Danu Umbara (Jungle Virgin Force), Maman Firmansyah (Hell Hole)
Cast: Lidya Kandow, Harry Capri, Enny Beatrice (Jungle Virgin Force), Guphy Sintara, Dicky Zulkarnaen, Lina Budiarty (Hell Hole)

DVD released: August 16th, 2005
Approximate running time: 93 minutes (Jungle Virgin Force), 102 minutes (Hell Hole)
Aspect Ratio: Letterboxed (Jungle Virgin Force), Full Frame (Hell Hole)
Rating: NR
Sound: Dolby Digital Stereo
DVD Release: Video Asia
Region Coding: Region 0 NTSC
Retail Price: $9.99

Jungle Virgin Force: Jelita is a mysterious woman who roams the jungle alone. A group of jungle women swim leisurely as a crocodile approaches one of them for lunch. The women invite Jelita to come back with them to their tribe after she saves their lives from the crocodile. The women who view Jelita as a god want to make her their queen and the men lead by a high priest strongly oppose giving an outsider so much power. Bloodshed quickly ensues as Jelita and the women are forced to run for their lives. Meanwhile back in civilization of group of underclassmen decide to from an expedition to explore an uncharted island that lay’s half way in between New Guinea and Australia. There are given a map drawn by a professor who had visited this remote island before on one condition that they don’t go looking for the treasure. They are forced to leave town quickly when some thugs kill the professor for his treasure map. Not one to give up so easily the thugs bribe the pilot who flew the underclassmen to the island.

Jungle Virgin Force is all over the place as its takes themes and ideas from various films most notably from the film Cannibal Holocaust. Despite being of melting pot of ideas the overall flow of the story remains coherent and entertaining tell the very end. One thing that I kept thinking to myself why watching this film was “Why is everyone so hell bent on finding an unseen treasure instead of running for their lives before it is too late”. There are some many times during the film when a characters life is in impearl and the first thing they think of when they escape a almost certain death is I need to find the treasure. If you can get past this plot flaw then you will most certainly enjoy this Schlock film as much as I did. There is plenty of action and violence. Unfortunately there is no nudity and when there are moments when there appears there might be it is fogged. Overall Jungle Virgin Force is mindless entertainment that is at times so absurd that you just give in and start to accept everything no matter how improbable.

Hell Hole: Indri is young country girl who has never been to the big city. One day her friend Cortina visits her and convinces to her to move in with her in the big city. Cortina works for a man named Uncle MG who runs a prison in which he keeps all his deflowered virgins. Indri is his next conquest and when she refuses his advances he sends her to his room of torture to whip her into shape.

Hell Hole is also known as Escape from Hellhole. This film was directed by Maman Firmansyah and not Cirio H. Santiago who directed a different film under the same name. The character of uncle MG is deliriously absurd as he gives the virgins who refuse to have sex with him multiple chances only to have them still refuse. What I want to know is why doesn’t he just move on and find another virgin. The dialog is this film is wonderfully cheesy like when Indri wishes she was dead and Uncle MG tells her he can make her death wish come true. Uncle MG and his henchmen at times appear to have no clue as most of the women would rather die then touch any of them and they still hold out in hopes they will change their mind. This makes them look desperate and no as menacing as they are made out to be.

There is plenty of violence and most of it is done via various torture devices. There is absolutely no nudity and for a WIP film this is almost unheard of. Nothing appears to be cut despite the lack of nudity. The plot for this film is your standard WIP story line with plenty of escapes and copious amounts of footage of women being degraded. Overall Hell Hole is a solid WIP film despite its lacks of nudity as it makes up for it with its loopy dialog and sadistic torture set pieces.

The DVD:

Jungle Virgin Force is presented in a letterbox that slightly crops some of the frame. There is some obvious cropping at the bottom of the frame as if you look closely you can see were burnt in sub titles have been letterboxed out of the frame. Hell Hole is in a full frame presentation and this is most definitely not the film original aspect. If you look closely during the opening credits you can see that some of titles are missing off frame. Also some compositions during the film feel too cramped and early on in the film there are noticeable tape rolls. Both of these films have been sourced from VHS masters so don’t expect them to look as spectacular as the excellent Mondo Macabro release for Virgins from Hell.

Both films come with only one audio option each an English dubbed audio language track. There is noticeable hiss and other sounds defects on both releases, still the dialog is clear enough to follow.

There are no extras for this release.

Jungle Virgin Force and Hell Hole are two action packed and entertaining films that deserve a better release then this. Hopefully some company like Mondo Macabro will pick these up and give them the tender loving care they desire. Overall Tales of Voodoo Volume 1 is a totally worthless release despite its cheap retail price. It is one of those instances in which you get what you pay for which is two solid films that are marred by crappy transfers that fail too take full advantage of DVD format.

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