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Sexy Soccer 
Written by: on March 23rd, 2006

TTheatrical Release Date: Hong Kong, 2004
Director: Sik Hok Min
Cast: Au Yeung, Carmen Yeung, Tong Tong

DVD released: March 28th, 2006
Approximate running time: 87 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1 Full Frame
Rating: NR
Sound: Dolby Digital Stereo
DVD Release: Discotek
Region Coding: Region 0 NTSC
Retail Price: $14.95

Rolando is down on his luck after his soccer team loses the championship game. He made a large bet with a loan shark that he now unable to pay because his team lost. Instead of killing him the loan shark gives him one last chance to come up with the money and while watching a soccer game on day he is hit with inspiration when a busty jogger runs by him. Rolando decides to put together an all female team to compete against the all male teams. He plans on suing the women’s bodies to distract the other teams on their way to winning the league championship. He plan is nearly full proof until a former rival who beat him in last years championship game finds out his teams secret weapon.

Foreign films especially comedies have a hard time breaking into other markets because unlike genres like action and horror which have universal themes that are easily identifiable in any culture. Sexy Soccer is easy to digest despite most of its humor is sexual in nature and sex is something like horror and action which is easy to identify with.

Sexy Soccer is best described as a sex upped version of Shaolin Soccer. This film replaces the martial arts with T&A. The lead character Rolando is a wannabe ladies man who has nothing but sex on his mind 24/7. In a strange twist of fate his wish comes true as the film progresses he becomes more irresistible.

There are many suggestive and erotic camera angles like shooting up women’s skirts. Also besides featuring an obscene amount of nudity there is several Bay Watch like slow motion shots of women running. The films simulated sex scenes are borderline hard core and they feel too long and that they are being used to pad the films running time. The teams name “Friendly Balls” is guaranteed to bring a few chuckles.

The DVD:

Discotek presents Sexy Soccer in its original full frame aspect ratio. The films looks like it was shot on video as colors look vivid and details remain sharp through out. Overall there is no print damage and the transfer looks exceptional.

This release comes with two audio options Mandarin and Cantonese language tracks which are presented in a Dolby Digital stereo. The dialog is crystal clear and free of any hiss of distortion. Removable English subtitles that are easy to read and follow have been included.

Extras for this release consist of trailers for Lupin the Third: Strange Psychokinetic Strategy and Zero Woman: Red Handcuffs.

Sexy Soccer is a irreverent comedy that offers plenty of humor and lots of flesh and Discotek’s DVD is available at an affordable price.

For more information about Sexy Soccer visit Discotek here.

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