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School Teacher in the House, The 
Written by: on December 6th, 2005

Theatrical Release Date:
Italy, 1979
Michele Massimo Tarantini
Jean Louis, Francesco Milizia, Marino Onorati, Michele Massimo Tarantini
Edwige Fenech, Renzo Montagnani, Alvaro Vitali, Marco Gelardini

DVD released: October, 2005
Approximate running time: 88 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
Rating: NR
Sound: Dolby Digital Mono English
Subtitles: N/A
DVD Release: Alfa Digital (Grey Market Release)
Region Coding: Region 0 NTSC
Retail Price: $19.95

Synopsis: Ferdinando Bonci Marinotti is running for political office with his main platform being family values. Luisa De Dominicis (Edwige Fenech) is his mistress who has just moved into town to be closer to her lover. Luisa grows tired of hiding until the elections are over and she befriends a young man named Marcello who lives in her apartment building. Marcello wanting to be more then just Luisa’a friend he has fallen head over hells for her.

The School Teacher in the House is the third school teacher film to feature the lovely Edwige Fenech. Even though this film and its two predecessors are not officially linked by anything more then the name of each film many of the actors that appear in this film appear in the other tow films. The School Teacher in the House was directed by Michele Massimo Tarantini who also directed A Policewoman in New York and Confessions of a Lady Cop. Both films which also teamed him up with Edwige Fenech the star of this film. Michele Massimo Tarantini direction is inventive through out as he places the camera in the most discreet positions that always happen to just catch a glimpse of Edwige Fenech naked flesh. The acting in this film is above average and some of the comedy misses its mark.

Just like in the previous School Teacher films Fenech once again plays a teacher who seduces a young man who ends up falling in love with her. One main difference with The School Teacher in the House verse its two predecessors is that there is very little teaching going on in this film. The main focus of this film is Luisa’s private life and the various men who she is forced to juggle so that the others don’t find out about each other. Also the other two School Teacher films are tame compared to this one which turns up the heat and then some. There is of course the obligatory Fenech shower scene in which she soaps her body up and gives herself a good clean. Also there is moment in which her character plays piano while performing a strip tease. The films score also employs a famous piece of Mozart’s in a way like you have never heard before by giving it a disco make over. There is no doubt after watching this film that Edwige Fenech is the main attraction and the films greatest asset.

The DVD:

Alpha Digital presents The School Teacher in the House in an anamorphic widescreen that preserves the films original 1.85:1 aspect ratio. Colors look nicely saturated and flesh tones look natural. Black levels are strong and details look sharp with a few minor instances when the image looks fuzzy. There is some mild edge enhancement and there is also some noticeable print damage through out. This DVD is interlaced and I also suspect that it might be a PAL to NTSC conversion because the DVD box claims the films running time is 94 minutes when it is actually 88 minutes. Overall while this transfer is more then adequate it is slightly below the quality of Alpha Digital’s two other School Teacher releases.

The release comes with only one audio option the films original English dubbed audio mix which is presented for this release in a Dolby Digital mono. The dialog sound muffled and distorted the score sound distorted at times. Also there are a few instances in which the audio drops out for a few seconds. Outside of some minor hiss this mix is pretty clean and if it weren’t for the mixes uneven sound levels this DVD’s audio mix would be on par with Alpha Digital’s two other School Teacher releases.

Extras for this release consist of a trailer for the film in Italian and its original aspect ratio. Unfortunately it is only in Italian and comes with no English subtitles. Other extras include an extensive bio for Edwige Fenech that comes with a selected filmography. The Fenech bio is the most extensive piece that I read to date about her and it is well written and insightful. Rounding out the is a Edwige Fenech photo gallery that contains various lobby cards, posters and of course nude photo’s of the lovely Mrs. Fenech. This extra plays like a featurette as music from the film plays in the background and it is about three minutes in length. Outside of the films original trailer all the extras are same as the extras included on Alpha Digital’s two other School Teacher releases.

Overall Alpha Digital The School Teacher in the House release despite its flaws is still a worthy addition of this film that should satisfy Edwige Fenech fans tell a better release comes along.

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