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Savage Harvest (Special Edition) 
Written by: on April 15th, 2006

Release Date: USA, 1995
Director: Eric Stanze
Writer: Eric Stanze
Cast: Lisa Morrison, Ramona Midgett, William Clifton, David Berliner, DJ Vivona, Rebecca Kennebeck, Rick Fischer, Pat Coffey, Tommy Biondo, Jerry Bates

DVD released: November 29th, 2005
Approximate running time: 72 Minutes
Aspect Ratio: Full Frame
Rating: Unrated
Sound: Dolby Digital Stereo
DVD Release: Image Entertainment
Region Coding: Region 0 NTSC
Retail Price: $19.99

Karen and a group of her friends go camping at her Uncle Gary’s farm and while they are there Gary tells them a story about Cherokee Elder that unleashed evil upon his own tribe nearly wiping them out. After a recent flood Gary collected some stones with marking on them and now anyone who touches them will be possessed by a demon. Will the group of teens be able to stop the Cherokee Elder from returning back to life or are has there fate already been sealed?

Eric Stanze would make his directorial debut with the 1994 film Savage Harvest. The films plot is not original but then not many horror films are and it borrows heavily from Evil Dead. The acting in Savage Harvest is wooden and the dialog especially the first thirty minutes of the film is like watching the paint dry. To Stanze’s credit he was working with mostly first time actors and crew and his budget was non existent. His direction while not that flashy is effective with the demon attack/gore scenes looking the most polished out anything in this film.

The scenes involving possession are the strongest in the film and the gore is pretty gruesome. The film ending almost destroys anything good that is built up during the film as it is one of you’re standard, tying up the loose ends ending. There’s a kind of quirkiness about this film that makes up for its obvious flaws. Overall Savage Harvest is one of those film’s that defies logic as it does just about everything it can to turn off its audience and yet in the end it holds your attention.

The DVD:

Savage Harvest is presented in its original full frame aspect ratio and for a shot on video production the image looks reasonable sharp and is free of any major defects. Overall the transfer looks more colorful then the previous released Sub Rosa DVD for Savage Harvest.

This release comes with one audio option the films original English language mix which is presented for this release in a Dolby Digital stereo. The audio is clean and crisp with a few minor instances of distorted audio. Overall while it may not blow you away it gets the job done.

Extras include two trailers for Savage Harvest and promo trailers for other Wicked Pixel releases. There is also a photo gallery for the film and a music video which was also directed by Eric Stanze. Other extras include an eight minute behind the scenes segment. Rounding out the extras are three audio commentaries the first two, one with Eric Stanze, William Clifton and Jason Christ and the other with Ramona Midgett, Rebecca Kennebeck and Jessica Wyman. These first two audio commentaries where recorded in 2005 and all the participants just let loose and have fun with Eric Stanze comments on the film being some of the best. The final audio commentary is with Eric Stanze and D.J. Vivona and it was recorded in 2002 and was part of the original Savage Harvest DVD released by Sub Rosa. This audio commentary is filled with facts and is the most technical of the three included.

Savage Harvest gets a new DVD release that includes more extras and its best audio/video presentation to date. If you are a fan of blood soaked horror films then do yourself a favor and check this oddity out.

For more information about Savage Harvest and other titles released by Wicked Pixel visit their website.

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