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Suspect, The (BluRay) 
Written by: on August 2nd, 2014

Theatrical Release Date: South Korea, 2012
Director: Shin-yeon Won
Cast: Yoo Gong, Jae-yun Jo, Seong-ha Jo, Seong-gyoon Kim, Hee-soon Park, Da-in Yoo

BluRay released: July 22nd, 2014
Approximate running time: 137 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1 Widescreen / 1080 Progressive / MPEG-4 AVC
Rating: NR
Sound: DTS-HD 5.1 Korean, Dolby Digital Stereo Korean
Subtitles: English
BluRay Release: Well Go USA
Region Coding: Region A
Retail Price: $29.98

Synopsis: There was a time when Dong-chul would do anything, even kill a man for his country. That was until the day he found out that he had been abandon by the country that he once worked and that they had killed his family. A broken man who had all but given up on life he finds renewed hope when it is revealed to him that his daughter may still be alive. From there he flees his homeland to South Korea and assumes a new indemnity while he searches for his daughter and tries to find the men behind his wife’s murder. And just when he is on the verge of uncovering the answers he has desperately been looking for. He then finds himself the prime target in a murder investigation.

First off, there are obviously those who are going draw comparisons between this film’s protagonist and the Jason Bourne character from the Bourne Identity films. Both are trained assassins who have been hung out to dry by those who use to be their allies.

Structure wise, the middle of the film is where the bulk of the back-story and dramatic moments reside, while the opening and closing acts are weighted down with wall to wall action set pieces. And though this movie moves along very briskly for its two hour seventeen minute running time. There is an overflow of information that often convolutes the bigger picture. Fortunately there are no throw away characters and every character that is introduce into this tale of espionage plays a large enough role in the grander scheme of things.

As mentioned before there is never a shortage of action in this film and a few of the standout moments include the film’s opening action set piece which involves the protagonist fighting offs his employers assassin or a sequence where the protagonist flees from law enforcement by jumping across from one rooftop to the next. Also though there are numerous car chases, all of which are well executed. The most satisfying action oriented moments are the ones when the protagonist is face to face with those trying to kill him.

From a performance stand point the entire cast are extremely good in their respective roles, with the film’s strongest performance coming from Yoo Gong (Silenced) in the role of Ji Dong-cheol, this film’s protagonist. His character is a man of few words and yet his performance is bursting with emotion and depth. Also when it comes to the action oriented moment he more than handles himself and then some. Another performance of note is Hee-soon Park in the role of Min Se-hoon, the man brought in to capture Ji Dong-cheol. Ultimately The Suspect is a highly entertaining mix of absurd action set pieces and melodrama.

The BluRay:

The Suspect comes on a 50 GB dual layer BluRay. The film is presented in a 1080 progressive widescreen. Details always look sharp, contrast and black levels look strong throughout. Colors and flesh tones look accurate and there are no issues with compression or DNR.

This release comes with two audio options, a DTS-HD 5.1 mix in Korean and a Dolby Digital Stereo mix in Korean. Range wise both of this film’s audio mixes take full advantage of the sound spectrum. With the score and the action oriented sequences sounding robust throughout. Dialog always comes through clearly and everything sounds balanced. Also included with this release are removable English subtitles.

Extras for this release include a trailer for the film and trailers for other titles also available from Well Go USA. Overall The Suspect gets a solid audio / video presentation from Well Go USA.

Note: This film is also being released by Well Go USA on DVD.

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