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Suffer Little Children 
Written by: on September 30th, 2017

Release Date: UK, 1983
Director: Alan Briggs
Writer: Meg Shanks
Cast: Colin Chamberlain, Ginny Rose, Jon Hollanz, Nicola Diana

DVD released: August 29th, 2017
Approximate running time:
76 minutes
Aspect ratio:
1.33:1 Full Frame Academy Ratio
Dolby Digital Mono English
English SDH
DVD Release: Intervision Picture Corp.
Region Coding: Region 0 NTSC
Retail Price: $19.95

Synopsis: A children’s home quickly turns deadly, after the arrival of a mute child with demonic powers.

Suffer Little Children was made during an era when there was an influx of low budget shot on video Horror films that were made by one and done filmmakers. And like the majority of these films, they are most remembered for their notoriety.

And if just judged on technical terms, this is not a film that is going to score high marks. The narrative is woefully paced and the editing further adds too this film’s sluggish pacing. And when it comes to the performances, they further illustrate the lack of experience with everyone involved. With this film’s greatest asset being Nicola Diana in the role of a young mute girl who gets the other children to kill by using her demonic powers. She delivers a genuinely creepy performance.

Though the film clocks in at just seventy-six minutes. It spends way too much time getting to the elements that fans of Horror cinema are drawn too. With all of this film’s bloodletting saved for this film’s final act.

The DVD:

Suffer Little Children was shot on video and things look as good as one would expect considering the films source materials. There are issues related to the source and the image at times looks soft.

This release comes with one audio option, a Dolby Digital mono mix in English and included with this release are removable English SDH subtitles. The audio sounds flat, there is background noise that varies in degree throughout and dialog at times is muffled.

Extras for this release are trailers for the film (1 minute 37 seconds), an interview with director Alan Briggs titled School of Shock (10 minutes 30 seconds) and an interview with Legend of UK “Nasty” Era Fanzine Critique John Martin titled Seducing the Gullible (8 minutes 54 seconds).

Topics discussed in the extra titled School of Shock include, his origins as a Rock concert promoter, the origins of Suffer Little Children, production related topics, the script / improvising, casting, how the film was shot in 14 days, the film’s finale, how the film’s initial release was an unfinished product and the controversy that surrounded the film’s initial release.

Topics discussed in the extra titled Seducing the Gullible include, UK video industry in the 1980’s, video nasties and Suffer Little Children.

Overall Suffer Little Children gets its best home video release to date.

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