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Naked Vengeance 
Written by: on July 31st, 2015

Theatrical Release Date:
USA / Philippines, 1985
Alternate Titles: Satin Vengeance, Nude vendetta
Approximate running time: 97 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.37:1 Aspect Ratio
Language: English

Director: Cirio H. Santiago
Writers: Reilly Askew, Anthony Maharaj
Cinematographer: Ricardo Remias
Composer: Ron Jones
Cast: Deborah Tranelli, Kaz Garas, Carmen Argenziano, Bill McLaughlin, Ed Crick, George E. Mahlberg, Nick Nicholson, Don Gordon Bell

Synopsis: Our unlucky lady witnesses the murder of her husband in NYC and goes back to her hometown. There she is harassed by the locals and ignored by the sheriff until the situation escalates into gang rape.

The plot is very similar to I Spit On Your Grave, with Deborah Tranelli starring as the abused female lead about midway through her stint on the long-running Dallas TV show. She does a great job in what may be director Cirio Santiago’s (The Muthers) finest achievement. The end result is a classic of the rape / revenge genre.

There is a wicked vein of dark humor present throughout, from the initial murder of her husband through her disdainful treatment by practically the entire male population of Silver Lake, the supreme impotence of law enforcement officials, and the varied means of dispensing good old vigilante justice to those that trespassed against her. The pacing is brisk with barely a dull moment and it all pretty much makes sense which is not really a Santiago trademark. The gang rape scene is quite intense.


Released theatrically in an R-Rated cut that was then issued on VHS in several countries, there was also an unrated Lightning Video VHS release that ran 97 minutes. Several of Santiago’s other releases have been or are currently available in DVD or Blu-ray editions, but the unrated uncut version of Naked Vengeance is the crown jewel that this title’s cult following so avidly desires.

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