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Mystics in Bali 
Written by: on September 20th, 2007

Theatrical Release Date: Indonesia, 1981
Director: H. Tjut Djalil
Writer: Jimmy Atmaja
Cast: Ilona Agathe Bastian, Yos Santo, WD Mochtar, Debbie Cinthia Dewi

DVD released: October 2nd, 2007
Approximate running time: 86 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
Rating: NR
Sound: Dolby Digital Stereo English
Subtitles: N/A
DVD Release: Mondo Macabro
Region Coding: Region 0 NTSC
Retail Price: $24.95

Synopsis: Catherine (Ilona Agathe Bastian) an American interested in the exotic world of Asian magic learns the secrets of becoming a Leyak. Now that she has been shown the secrets of a forbidden and rarely seen world will she ever be able to return too the life she once new?

If you are looking for an action, adventure, romance, horror and just anything remotely bizarre then Mystics of Bali is a film that will surely get your juices flowing with its bizarre imagery and plot about witches known as Leyak’s. The film has an undeniable western style to it visually despite featuring an Eastern Asia subject matter. There are several transformations scenes where the films lead Catharine changes into a snake and a pig.

The films most memorable moment is without a doubt the scene when a Leyak removes Catherine’s head which then flies to get the blood of unborn baby’s from their wombs of their mother. Mystics of Bali like most of the Indonesian films that I have seen so far like Virgins from Hell and The Devil’s Sword are all about the spectacle that is being presented and not as much as how realistic things look or even if something is even possible to do at all. Ultimately Mystics of Bali deserves its reputation as one of the best films ever to come out of Indonesia. You haven’t walked on the wild side of cinema until you have seen Mystics of Bali the most unique film that Mondo Macabro has released to date.

The DVD:

Four years ago Mondo Macabro original released Mystics in Bali on DVD in the UK. Now they are releasing the film for the first time ever on DVD in the U.S. with a brand new transfer that truly trumps the previous region 2 UK release. The colors and details are on par with the quality of Mondo Macabro releases of Rapi films like Virgins from Hell and The Devil’s Sword. There are a few very minor moments when the flying head is on the loose killing that are of lesser quality then the rest of the transfer.

The audio mix sounds really good considering the films age and low budget. There are no audio defects and the English language audio mix at times sounds dynamic.

The extras for this release are mostly text based include “Mystics in Bali & The Indonesian Exploitation Movie”, “H.Tjut Djalil – Director Filmography” and “How to Become a Leak!”. The other extras include a trailer for “Mystics in Bali” and the Mondo Macabro preview trailer which includes clips from titles they have currently released or about to release on DVD. Overall Mondo Macabro bring back one of their most memorable titles via a new special edition which presents the film with its best audio/video presentation to date.

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