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Maid in Sweden 
Written by: on May 1st, 2008

Theatrical Release Date: USA, November 3rd, 1971
Director: Floch Johnson
Writers: Ronnie Friedland, George T. Norris
Cast: Christina Lindberg, Monica Ekman, Krister Ekman, Leif Naeslund, Per-Axel Arosenius, Ittla Frodi, Tina Hedström, Henrik Meyer, Wivian Öiangen, Jim Engelau

DVD released: June 24th, 2008
Approximate running time:
80 minutes
Aspect Ratio:
1.33:1 Full Frame
Dolby Digital mono English
DVD Release:
Impulse Pictures
Region Coding:
Region 0 NTSC
Retail Price:

Synopsis:Inga loses her innocence while staying with her older sister for a weekend in the big city.Maid in Sweden was Christina Lindberg’s first film, even though a few films that she made later came out before it. The film on the surface pretends to be a coming of age/sexual awaking story when the end result is far from this. The producers must have known they struck gold when they hired Christina Lindberg because this film is essentially a series of sequences of her either nude or bathing. The plot is very thin and virtually nonexistent.

Visually the director lifts what could have been a very mundane plot and elevates its slightly with various techniques like the use of slow motion during the film’s most memorable scene where Inga played by Christina Lindberg is taking a shower. The acting is very wooden and at times forgettable. It is interesting how free Christina Lindberg is with exposing her body so early in her career. Her lack of inhibitions is what makes her performance work as well as it does since her overall acting is far from her best performance.

Ultimately despite all of its numerous flaws Maid in Sweden is not a total loss since the real reason to watch this film is too see Christina Lindberg ignite the screen with her sexually charge performance.

The DVD:

Maid in Sweden is presented in a full frame aspect ratio. The image doesn’t appear to be cropped to much or even cropped at all. There is plenty of head room and no one ever gets cropped half way or more out of the frame. Looking at the full frame image it would appear that the aspect ratio for Maid in Sweden might have been about 1.66:1 ratio. The transfer features colors that are slightly muted at times and there is some noticeable edge enhancement throughout. Overall print damage is minimal and details look reasonably sharp throughout.

The only audio option included for this release is a Dolby Digital mono mix in English. Outside of some minor background noise the audio is more than serviceable.

Extras include a trailer in English and also presented in a full frame aspect ratio. The main extra is a ten minute interview with Christina Lindberg who discusses her modeling career and her memories of working Made in Sweden including how is what actually an American production. Maid in Sweden gets a special edition release that fans of Christina Lindberg will be more than satisfied with.

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