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Lust Inferno / Marathon 
Written by: on September 20th, 2015

Theatrical Release Dates:
USA, 1982 (Lust Inferno, Marathon)
Director: Carlos Tobalina (Both Films)
Cast: William Margold, Lynx Canon, Rita Ricardo, Gail Sterling, Tamara Longley, Marguerite Nuit, Herschel Savage (Lust Inferno), John Holmes, Jamie Gillis, William Margold, Mai Lin, Ron Jeremy, Sharon Mitchell, Herschel Savage (Marathon)

DVD Release Date: September 22nd, 2015
Approximate Running Time: 81 minutes (Lust Inferno), 84 minutes (Marathon)
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen (Both Films)
Rating: XXX
Sound: Dolby Digital Mono English (Both Films)
Subtitles: N/A
DVD Release: Vinegar Syndrome
Region Encoding: Region Free NTSC
Retail Price: $19.98

Lust Inferno: A sadistic televangelist who spends his private time getting off on humiliating and abusing young women.

This is one of those rare post 1970’s adult films that finds that perfect balance between melodramatic moments ad sex scenes. Also the premise of a perverted televangelist is ripe for examination. Another area this film does superb job exposing the man and the flaws in the faith he is selling. And it should not come as a surprise that the characters which surround the televangelist are equally devoid of morals, including his two daughters. Needless to say their promiscuous behavior and his own perversions lead to a finale that is knee deep in taboo.

When it comes to the sex scenes and moments of sadism in this film. They are all well executed and have just the right amount of heat one would want from an adult film. The most surprising area of this film are the performances which are all very good, especially William Margold (Marilyn and the Senator, Dracula Sucks) in the role of the televangelist. Another performance of note is Marguerite Nuit in the role of the televangelist young daughter who gets a job working for the same Madame that supplies her father with the girls he degrades. Her character delivers what is arguably one of the greatest lines to ever end an adult film, “It’s me daddy. Lucy. I love you. You don’t have to pay me.”

Marathon: A group of friends decide to invite everyone they known over for any orgy.

This one is pretty straight forward. The guests arrive and most of them in comical outfits. From there the orgy begins and about halfway through the orgy a few of party guests notice there are some guests who are absent. And when it is discovered that they are at the hospital injured. They go over there and continue the orgy with their injured friends.

For a film that is basically two long orgy scenes things hold up better than expected. With the sexually acts taking place within the orgy offer up more than enough heat. This one features three of adult cinemas most recognizable male performers Jamie Gillis (The Opening of Misty Beethoven), John Holmes (Insatiable) and Ron Jeremy.

The DVD:

Vinegar Syndrome present both films in anamorphic widescreen that preserves their intended aspect ratios. The sources used for both are in great shape and both of these transfers are on par with Vinegar Syndrome’s other Carlos Tobalina releases.

Each film comes with one audio option, a Dolby Digital mono mix in English. There are no issues with background noise or distortion. Dialog always comes through clearly and everything sounds balanced.

Extras for this release include trailers for each film and an audio commentary with actor William Margold include, how he worked for Carlos Tobalina handling publicity for his film and why he was chosen for the lead role in Lust Inferno, how everything Tobalina never shot more than one take, casting, locations featured in the film and he also discusses key sequences in the film. Overall this is solid double feature release from Vinegar Syndrome that comes with an exceptional audio commentary for the film Lust Inferno, highly recommended.

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