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Live Evil 
Written by: on August 9th, 2009

Release Date: USA, 2008
Production Company: LEM Enterprises
Approximate running time: 100 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 Letterboxed Widescreen
Language: English

Director: Jay Woelfel
Writers: Jay Woelfel, Lance Polland
Producers: Elisabeth Busch, Ken Foree, Robert Sotto, Mark Terry, Beau Unger
Cinematography: Kelly Richard, Scott Spears
Composer: Austin Wintory
Edited by: Jonathan Ammon
Cast: Tim Thomerson, Mark Hengst, Åsa Wallander, Ken Foree, Lee Perkins, Gregory Lee Kenyon, Eva Derrek, Elissa Dowling, Kimberly Sanders, Tiffany Shepis

Synopsis: Contamination of the human blood supply forces vampires to take drastic measures to ensure their own survival.

Live Evil jumps into the meat of the story with the films carnage filled, opening with a scene in a dinner where a vampire named Sydney is being heckled by three perverts overloaded on testosterone. After a few vulgar jabs her way about how they would like to fuck her she invites one ones to her table and gives him a blow job he will never forget. In her lust for blood since it has been a while since her last feeding, she just rips into everyone in the dinner draining corpse after corpse. This scene lays the groundwork for the mythos about the vampires portrayed in this film. It is during this scene where it is first revealed that vampires only can drink pure blood, not blood contaminated by drugs or alcohol or ravaged by diseases like Aids.

While there is familiarity to the themes present in Live Evil they has just enough spin on them that one is never overwhelmed with a feeling of Déjà vu. Also the story does a good job laying the foundation of who’s who and what their motives are. Besides the vampires who play a large part in this film there is another prominent character simply known as The Priest! He has his own demons to exorcise. When he was a young boy he witnessed his father who was killed and turned into a vampire while chained to him. This would mark The Priest’s first kill as he would be forced to put a stake through his father’s heart. Later on in the film another character is introduced into the mix named Roxy. She is a young woman who is saved one evening at a bar by The Priest when she is attacked by vampires. On the surface this character and her evolving relationship with The Priest appear to be the most unlikely pairing.

This film features plenty action, bloodletting and even a little bit of T&A. One of the more impressive aspects of this production is the driving sequences where cars are playing chicken. The special effects in general are well done and convincing. Performances wise all of the cast are very good in their restive roles. The film’s standout performance comes from Tim Thomerson in the role of The Priest. In 2006 when this production began a Don Calfa (Return of the Living Dead) was original cast in this role and when the financial backing for this film fell through the film had to be recast. Performance wise it is hard to imagine anyone else capturing the essence of The Priest character better than Tim Thomerson. Another performance of note is Mark Hengst in the role of Benedict, a vampire who is connected to the death of The Priests father. The film also features a few familiar faces Tiffany Shepis (Home Sick, Good Boy), Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead) and Lee Perkins (KatieBird: Certifiable Crazy Person, Edges of Darkness), who gives yet another memorable turn as a psychotic sheriff.

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