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Lemon Popsicle 4 (Private Popsicle) 
Written by: on January 29th, 2014

Theatrical Release Date:
Israel, 1983
Director: Boaz Davidson
Writers: Boaz Davidson, Eli Tavor
Cast: Yftach Katzur, Zachi Noy, Jonathan Sagall, Dvora Kedar, Menashe Warshavsky, Sonja Martin, Joseph Shiloach

Approximate Running Time: 107 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 Full Frame
Rating: NR
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1 Hebrew
Subtitles: English, Hebrew
Region Encoding: Region 2 PAL (Israel)
Retail Price: $89.95

This installment starts out with a familiar situation: Momo sniffs out a horny woman and he goes first, Yudale goes next but gets interrupted by the cuckolded boyfriend / husband, while Benzi never gets his turn. Ah, but then he sets sights on the [next] girl of his dreams and romance ensues. So here we go again, but this time the boys are in the army.

1982 was the milestone year for the 80’s teen comedy with Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Porky’s, and Last American Virgin all seeing release. Having practically invented the genre, reworked and remade it multiple times, writer / director Boaz Davidson now turns from personal experience to external sources for inspiration. There are certainly many classic military comedies to emulate, but the biggest influence here seems to be Curly era Three Stooges.

The funniest bit in the movie involves Zachi Noy’s performance as a female singer that compares favorably to those of Curly Howard in drag. The drill sergeant falls in love as did Joe E. Brown with ‘Daphne’ in Some Like It Hot. These scenes really make the film worthwhile, with the ladies locker room and all the other business just icing on the cake.

The DVD:

Another full screen presentation in Hebrew with English subtitles and featuring another golden oldies soundtrack.

This is where Boaz Davidson throws in the towel after a run of 5 Lemon Popsicle films, including Last American Virgin. Private Popsicle may be the lesser of these but it’s still quite good and Davidson definitely quit while he was ahead.

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