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Kilink vs. Superman/Kilink Strip and Kill 
Written by: on March 3rd, 2006

Theatrical Release Date: Turkey, 1967
Director: Yilmaz Atadeniz
Cast: Yildirim Gencer, Suzan Avci, Sevda Nur, Devlet Devrim, Irfan Atasoy, Pervin Par, Muzaffer Tema

DVD released: December 2005
Approximate running time: 50mins and 92mins
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Rating: NR
Sound: Turkish Mono (English and Greek Subtitles)
DVD Release: Onar Films
Region Coding: Region 0 PAL
Retail Price: €18 from Onarfilms.com ($24.95 from Xploited Cinema)

Kilink vs Superman (50mins)

Kilink is back in the follow-up to “Kilink in Istanbul” as he and Superman finally catch up with each other as the death ray Kilink has put together is almost operational. The first 20 minutes is a recap of the first film and after this we rejoin Orhan trying to find out where Kilink is hiding. He learns about his island hide-out and charters a boat to take him there. Strangely he doesn’t fly! Unfortunately Kilink spots him and decides to try out the new weapon but Orhan just manages to escape but is captured and imprisoned along with the others. How will Orhan free the others without giving away his secret identity, will he find the formula in time, and what will Kilink do next. All will be revealed in Kilink vs. Superman.

Kilink, Strip and Kill (92mins)

Reports of Kilink’s demise have been greatly exaggerated and he’s back once again playing rival gangs (who seem to dress like the Ku-Klux-Klan!) off each other in their attempts to steal some military microfilm vital to the Turkish government in order to sell it back to them. Kilink infiltrates one of gang using his patented face swapping technique and another adventure begins. Of the three Kilink films available, this is the most well constructed and best looking without question. It actually resembles more of a Euro-spy caper with car chases, double-crosses and sexy broads for Kilink to bed and then discard. Although still a ruthless killer when required, Kilink is more of a hero in this film as he was becoming more and more popular in Turkey at the time and we see him help out a helpless widow in distress. Indeed after he does a good deed, his sidekick Selma says “I didn’t expect that from you” to which he replies “If I wasn’t like that, I wouldn’t be Kilink baby!” A really enjoyable Kilink adventure and I hope Onar Films have more on the way if they are to continue like this.

NOTE – These are sequels to “Kilink Istanbul Da – Kilink in Istanbul” which is reviewed here.

The DVD:

The image quality of “Kilink vs Superman” is not great but still a little better than “Kilink in Istanbul”. Still a lot of specks and scratches but perfectly watchable. “Kilink Strip and Kill” in comparison looks excellent and although a little fuzzy in places, it’s a major improvement over the first movie. Again I believe it’s sourced from a Betacam master which must have been in pretty good shape.

Audio wise it’s the same as before with Turkish Mono (English and Greek subs included), that comes across very cleanly with no audible pop or hiss. In Kilink, Strip and Kill, I’m not sure if any other soundtracks from other movies were used but there are some real groovy numbers that really add to the films atmosphere.

Moving onto the plentiful extras we have an Irfan Atasoy filmography, a Yilmaz Atadeniz biography and a text interview between TV host Erman Sener and Yilmaz Atadeniz. This is followed by two exclusive interviews, one with director Atadeniz (30mins with English and Greek subs) and the other with Irfan Atasoy (14mins with English and Greek subs), both very interesting as they reminisce about Turkish filmmaking, the industry at the time and making the Kilink movies

The trailers section includes the same trailers from the first Kilink DVD: “3 Dev Adam”, “Super-Adam Istanbul Da” (Superman in Istanbul), “Supermen Donuyor” and finally “Kilink Istanbul Da” As I said in the previous review, these have to be seen to be believed and worth the price of the DVD alone.

Finally we have a photogallery with stills from both movies.

This is also a super limited edition with only 1200 copies produced – mine was 300/1200.

An excellent double-bill with “Kilink, Strip and Kill” being the highlight, plus it’s rounded off by some great extras. Highly recommended!

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