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Written by: on May 19th, 2011

Aired: USA, 1974 (TV Movie)
Production Company: Universal TV
Approximate running time: 74 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1 Full Frame
Language: English

Director: Jerry London
Writers: Theodore Sturgeon, Ed MacKillop, Herbert F. Solow
Based Off Novella By: Theodore Sturgeon
Cinematographer: Terry K. Meade
Cast: Clint Walker, Carl Betz, James Wainwright, Neville Brand

Synopsis: 6 construction workers who work for an oil company are building on a construction site on a deserted island off the coast of Africa. A little overview of the six workers are: Kelly (Walker) who is the main foreman. Holvig (Betz) who is sort of a paranoid, suspicious guy who keeps to himself. Dutch (Wainwright) who is a slightly over-the-edge, who slowly goes insane over the events of the film. Chub (Brand) who is the mechanic of all the equipment. Beltran (James Watson Jr.) who is an African American actor, doesn’t pay attention to much to the other workers. Finally is Mack (Robert Urich) who is killed very early on in the film.
The film starts out with a meteor crashing to Earth from outer space. Landing on the island where the workers also happen to be working. After the foreman Kelly runs the bulldozer on the island directly into the rock, a blue light emits from it, shines on Mack, killing him with the radiation from the light. The next day, Kelly has Chub inspect the bulldozer (after other workers were complaining about it moving on its own). Chub finds out that there is a weird murmer-type hum noise coming from inside the bulldozer. (Which is a really cheesy 70s sci-fi sound) Beltran ignores Chub’s warning to not ride the bulldozer, but then realizes he cannot control the bulldozer, and that its moving on its own. After he makes a very dumb move crawling into a pipe and getting crushed that way in Kelly & Holvig’s eyes, them, Chub, & Dutch know something is up. So the rest of the film is them on the island, trying to avoid & fight the bulldozer at the same time.

“Killdozer” was a TV movie from ABC back in 1974. It was part of the “Friday Night Movie of the Week”. Almost all TV movies from that era ran exactly 74 minutes. Killdozer, I thought it was good for its status as a TV movie. Still, do this day in 2011, this movie has never had an official release on DVD or VHS. I was lucky to find a boot of it online. While the movie is interesting at some points, it does deliver slow at some points. The killings are not shown, there are 0 drops of blood in the film, but they have to keep it PG rated like that to keep it as the TV film it was. If it were rated it would definitely be PG. There are no curse words, none of the killings are really shown (you do see how burned Mack’s face is from the radiation though, but its dark in the scene).
Some portions of the film I thought were funny such as the dozer pushing rocks over a hill causing a landslide, the sounds it makes. The bulldozer sadly only goes at a top speed of 3 mph. It was not that fast. It would be very easy to escape. (Unless you were the one worker who crawled into a sewage pipe!) So, its slow, not that horrific of a movie, your not really going to get a horror movie here, but you will get a funny movie, which has its perfect early 70’s cheese feel to it. I like these 70’s TV movies and this one was really one of my favorites. If you could somehow find a bootleg copy of it online, I would buy it, but at your own risk. Some may like it, but some may not. 

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