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Written by: on September 19th, 2006

Theatrical Release Dates:
USA, 1974
Approximate running time:  86 mins
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1 Full Frame
Language: English

Director: William Grefe
Writer: Tony Crechales
Cinematography: Edwin Gibson
Cast: William Shatner, Ruth Roman, Jennifer Bishop, Kim Nicholas

I'm not wasting my time on a cheap, over the hill broadWhen the demons of evil take over all powers of reason, only Impulse remains!

Synopsis: Matt Stone (William Shatner) is a gigolo killer who was traumatized as a young boy when he killed one of his mothers’ lover’s. He is on the move again after killing another one of his sugar mama’s because she confronted him about some chick he was seeing on the side. One day Matt meets a young girl named Tina who he gives a ride. She is going to visit her dead father at the graveyard. Ann Tina’s mother is set up on a blind date with Matt Stone who she quickly falls in love with. Does Matt feel the same way about Ann or is he just waiting for the right moment to take her for everything she has?

Without a doubt the main reason for checking out Impulse is actor William Shatner, who plays a leisure suit wearing psycho. He not only likes to get it on, but he also likes to take all the money he can from his victims. Over the course of his fifty plus years in acting no one has ever not accused William Shatner of hamming things up or over acting. It is these two things that make him so enjoyable to watch no matter what role his is playing. Shatner gives a solid performance and despite playing a despicable character he ends up being the most likable person in the film.

William Grefe’s direction is pretty much by the books with a few standout moments of flash. The films first murder is done in a similar way to the way Norman Bates dispose of Marion Crane in Psycho. Veteran actress Ruth Roman is spot on as aging widower Julia Marstow. The rest of the cast just go through the motions and the actress that plays the little girl Tina Kim Nicholas is just downright annoying. No wonder that nobody believed her when she cries wolf about Matt Stone having a few screws loose. The story and the way it evolves is similar to that of a melodrama or a soap opera. Ultimately Impulse is a delightful film in which the enjoyment it derived not from good filmmaking but from watching the disaster of what is called a film as it unfolds before your very eyes.

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