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Humongous (Katrina’s Nightmare Theater) 
Written by: on February 9th, 2012

Theatrical Release Date: Canada, 1983
Director: Paul Lynch
Writer: William Gray
Cast:Janet Julian, David Wallace, John Wildman, Janit Baldwin, Joy Boushel, Layne Coleman, Shay Garner, Page Fletcher, John McFadyen, Garry Robbins, Mary Sullivan

DVD released: November 15th, 2011
Approximate running time: 93 minutes
Aspect Ratio:
1.78:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
Dolby Digital Mono English
DVD Release:
Scorpion Releasing
Region Coding:
Region 0 NTSC
Retail Price:

Synopsis: When their boat sinks, a group of teenage friends find themselves trapped on a remote island that is inhabited by deformed psychopath that eats human flesh.

Memorable Horror films all start off with an opening sequence that goes for the jugular and sets a tone for what is yet to come. And while Humongous more then succeeds in this regard (at least the opening sequence of the film). Unfortunately things are not what they seem, with everything after this shocking opening failing to capture the mood set in the aforementioned opening sequence.

Things start to go downhill after the film’s creepy opening credits, with the focus being shifted to a group of very unlikable teenagers, who are all devoid of any charisma. And to matters worse, all of the actors in this film are excruciatingly bad in their respective roles. If any, the role that provides any kind of entertaining is Garry Robbins portrayal of the creature for which this film is named after.

From a gore perspective, Humongous lacks the ferocity of Friday the 13th. Also the kills are relatively bloodless and when compared to many of its contemporaries, this film is rather tame. Another area in which this film often comes up short is its lack to create any real sustainable tension. Ultimately Humungous is a forgettable Horror film that often gets lost in its own predictability.

The DVD:

Scorpion Releasing presents Humongous in an anamorphic widescreen that retains this films original aspect ratio. Outside of some softness, this is a very good video sourced transfer that is miles ahead of all previous homed video versions of this film.

This release comes with one audio option, a Dolby Digital stereo mix in English. There are no issues with background noise and everything sounds balanced.

Extras for this release include a trailer for the film (1 minute 12 seconds – anamorphic widescreen), R Rated version of the film’s opening (6 minutes 35 seconds – anamorphic widescreen) and a audio commentary with director Paul Lynch, screenwriter William Gray, film critic Nathanial Thompson and moderator Katarina Leigh Waters. Topics discussed in the audio commentary include casting, locations, the film’s special effects and how the film Texas Chainsaw Massacre was one of this film’s main influences. Rounding out the extras are trailers for Final Exam, Nothing but the Night, The Devil Within Her, The House on Sorority Row, The Incubus and The Pyx.

Also there are two ways to watch the main feature, ‘Play Movie’ or ‘Play Katarina’s Nightmare Theater’. This second option include comments before and after the main feature from Katarina Leigh Waters, who’s comments are a satisfying balance of mix analytical and humorous. Overall Humongous gets a first rate release from Scorpion Releasing, who also present the film for the first time every fully uncut.

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