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Golden Boy: The Essential Anime Collection 
Written by: on October 28th, 2004
golden boy golden boy
Theatrical Release date: Japan 1995
Director: Hiroyuki Kitakubo
Writers: Tatsuya Egawa, Matt Greenfield, Hiroyuki Kitakubo, Kenji Takemura
Created By: Tatsuya Egawa
Cast: Mitsuo Iwata, Hiromi Tsuru, Yuka Koyama, Yuko Minaguchi, Yuri Shiratori,

DVD Released: May 25th, 2004
Approximate Running Time: 180 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 4.3 Full Frame
Rating: NR
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1 and Stereo
DVD Release: A. D. Vision
Region Coding: Region 1 NTSC
Retail Price: $19.98

Kintaro Oe, twenty five years old had studied law at a university in Tokyo. He dropped out of school right before graduation even though he had finished all the courses required to receive his degree. Now a student of life he lives off the land as he does odd jobs and to increase his knowledge.

Computer Lesson: On his way to a job interview Kintaro is run off the road by a beautiful buxom blonde who gives him $10,000 for his pain and suffering on the spot. Kintaro unselfishly gives the money away to someone who needs it more and things start to heat up when he arrives at the job interview. His soon to be boss was the woman who hit him with her car earlier. Temptation of The Maiden: Kintaro gets a job on the staff to reelect Mayor Juzo Katsuda who happens to connected to the yakuza and it doesn’t take long before Kintaro gets in head over heals as he falls for the mayors daughter Naoko. Danger! The Virgin’s First Love: Kintaro offers to help out at a noodle restaurant after the owner is injured in a hit and run. Kintrao soon finds out about the mobs plans to marry Nori the restaurants daughter and take over the family business. Swimming in The Sea of Love: Kintaro upon arriving in town fails in love with a woman who runs a swimming school. He challenges her to a swimming match not know she once one a gold medal at the Olympics. Unable to swim that well he learns while he works at the swim school.

Balls to The Wall: Kintaro gets a job as a scullery worker at the estate of Daitokut Terayama one of the wealthiest men in Japan. In doesn’t take long before Kintaro fails for Terayama’s daughter Reiko who has a fetish for motorcycles. Animation is Fun: In the final episode Kintaro gets a job at an animation studio and when the production falls behind he calls in the assistance of the ladies who he had meet along the way. Golden Boy cleverly mixes comedy with sexual situations as the lead character Kintrao moves from job to job meeting attractive women every where he goes. Kintaro has e few quirks about him like his obsession with making out with toilets after women he lusts after sit on them. His expressions when he gets excited or angry are over exaggerated which helps add to the series overall light hearted tone. Ever the optimist Kintaro never backs down from a challenge and his quest for knowledge helps him over come many obstacles. He keeps a detailed noted book where he writes down all of his life’s experiences, still when it comes to the ladies he has a lot to learn. Kintaro may seek knowledge through out the series, still sex is the one thing that seems to dominate his thoughts most of the time which leads to most of his troubles.

The DVD:

ADV films DVD presents Golden Boy in its original 4:3 aspect ratio. For an animation released originally back in the mid-1990’s the colors and flesh tones are solid through out. There are two audio options on this DVD release the original Japanese audio presented in a Dolby Digital Stereo that keeps most of the action up front and an English dubbed track in Dolby Digital 5.1 that makes better use of the front channels as well as the back surrounds. Both tracks are clear through out and being that this series is mostly dialog driven they both offer good range and depth that allows the viewer to enjoy every syllable of witty dialog. English subtitles have been included that are easy to read and follow.

ADV comes up short in the extras department as the only extras include are opening and closing clean credits. Rounding out the extras is a trailer for Golden Boy series. Most of the time a lack of extras can be disappointing, still ADV comes through with a low selling price for this series. Golden Boy is a delightful animation series that should only be watched by adults. I highly recommend you check this series out if you are into sexually driven dialog and mature themes.

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