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Good Boy 
Written by: on March 30th, 2009

Release Date: 2009
Approximate running time: 84 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Language: English

Patrick Roddy
Producer: Brian McLaughlin, Patrick Roddy, Ken Henderson
Screenplay: Ken Henderson
Cinematography: Jorge L. Urbina
Cast: Josh Marcantel, Gary Shannon, Tiffany Shepis, Tommy Cole, Hilary Bronwyn Gayle, Carl Bergeron, Carol Anne Gayle, Charles McNeely III, Julie Ann Fay, John Prince, Brian Mulligan, Chris Bello, Cherie Trahan, Stephanie Sikes, Ron Gibson, Janet Woolman, Erin Huckabay, Christi Slayter, Robert ‘Sasquatch’ Stahl, Paul Petri, Mackenzie Hosford, Sue Kittrell, Laura Heller, Edwin Sherwood, Kevin Leveque, Ken Henderson, Jim ‘Rev’ Hicks, Bill ‘Snake’ Frazier

Synopsis: A young man named Max with big dreams who is tired of his job he steals a large sum of money from his boss. He heads west in search of the life he has always longed for. Along the way he crosses paths with a killer who doesn’t take kindly to Max meddling in his business. Unable to shake the killer who shadows his every move Max quickly finds himself in a world full of hurt.

Good Boy is the third film directed by Patrick Roddy. His previous two films are Mercy and Red 71. Visually Patrick Roddy returns to the film noir style that has been present in his two previous films. The film is layered with surreal nightmarish imagery that perfectly complements its lead character’s downward spiral. The film also takes full advantage of its remote Midwestern like back roads and desolate looking buildings.

The plot starts off like an ordinary tale about a man who is tired with his life and yearns for bigger and better things. The story kicks into overdrive one he stumbles across an abandon looking farm and finds a girl who is changed to a wall. The bogey man of this story is a man named Harley who is portrayed by Gary Shannon (who also appeared in Patrick Roddy’s Mercy). Harley is as bad as they come, his mean streak and lust for causing pain knows no boundaries. Another menacing character in Good Boy is Harley’s car, a bad ass looking Chevy Camero SS. There is also is a mysterious young woman named Princess, who follows her master Harley around.

Performance wise all of the cast are very satisfying in their respective roles. Some much of the film relies on Max’s journey and Josh Marcantel who is cast in the role gives a nearly flawless performance. Another performance of note is Tiffany Shepis in the role of Daisy, a young woman who works at a dinner. Ultimately Good Boy is a riveting thriller that quickly draws you into its bizarre world of unusual characters.

For more information about Good Boy visit Patrick Roddy’s website here.

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