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Flower and Snake 4: White Uniform Rope Slave 
Written by: on January 23rd, 2009

Theatrical Release Date: Japan, December 6th, 1986
Director: Shogoro Nishimura
Writer: Masahiro Kakefuda
Cast: Minako Ogawa, Ran Masaki, Izumi Shima

DVD released: 2008
Approximate running time: 73 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
Rating: 18
Sound: Dolby Digital Stereo Japanese
Subtitles: English & Chinese
DVD Release: Panorama Entertainment
Region Coding: Region 3 NTSC (Hong Kong)
Retail Price: $14.95

Synopsis: A perverted Dentist takes advantage of his patients while they are unconscious from Anesthesia.

Flower and Snake 3: Punishment was directed by Shogoro Nishimura who also directed two other Flower and Snake films, Flower and Snake: Sketch of Hell and Flower and Snake 4: White Uniform Rope Slave. The screenplay for Flower and Snake 3: Punishment was written by Masahiro Kakefuda whose other notable screenwriting credits include, Horrors of Malformed Men, Sex & Fury, Convent of the Sacred Beast, Sister Streetfighter and Sex Hunter.

The plot for Flower and Snake 4: White Uniform Rope Slave, like its predecessor Flower and Snake: Sketch of Hell and Flower and Snake 3: Punishment takes just the core elements of Oniroku Dan’s novel Flower and Snake (Hana To Hebi). This film jumps right into the meat of the story as we are quickly introduced to a perverse dentist named Oba and his partner in crime a woman named Naoe. They get their kicks by sexual taking advantage of the female patients. The plot’s big twist occurs when Obe becomes infatuated with a lesbian named Miki. At the core of the plot is the price that Obe is forced to pay for his obsession!

The Dentist who takes advantage of his patients while they are drugged makes for some memorable moments. The dentist’s office also makes a great location and director Shogoro Nishimura takes full advantage of his surroundings. Without a doubt the film’s most memorable moment is a scene where Obe sticks several needles into Miki’s inner lip while she sits in the dentist chair. Performance wise while no one performance stands out; the cast as a whole are all very good in their respective roles. Even though the plot retreads familiar territory, the film’s conclusion adds weight to the events that preceded it. Ultimately Flower and Snake 4: White Uniform Rope Slave is a well made Roman Porno that never strays too far away from its strengths.

The DVD:

Panorama presents Flower and Snake 4: White Uniform Rope Slave, in an anamorphic widescreen that preserves the film’s original aspect ratio. Colors look nicely saturated and flesh tones look healthy. There are no problems with compression and edge enhancement is kept to a minimum. Overall this is another strong transfer from Panorama.

This release comes with one audio option a Dolby Digital stereo mix in Japanese. Two subtitles options have been included English and Chinese. Even though the subtitles are easy enough to follow, there are a few instances where the translation comes off sounding awkward. Overall the audio sounds clean, clear and evenly balanced.

Just like Flower and Snake 3: Punishment, this release comes with no extra content. Overall Panorama gives Flower and Snake 4: White Uniform Rope Slave, a DVD release that is on par with their other Flower and Snake DVD releases.

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