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Emmanuelle In Soho 
Written by: on June 10th, 2010

Theatrical Release Date:
UK, July 9th 1981
Director: David Hughes, Ray Selfe (uncredited)
Writer: John M. East (writer as Brian Daly), Willy Roe    (screenplay uncredited)
Cast: Angie Quick (aka Mandy Miller), Julie Lee, John M. East, Kevin Fraser, Gavin Clare, Tomothy Blackstone.

DVD released: June 7th, 2010
Approximate running time: 68 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1 4X3 Fullscreen
Rating: 18 (UK)
Sound: Dolby Digital Mono English
Subtitles: None
DVD Release: Odeon Entertainment
Region Coding: Region 0 PAL (UK)
Retail Price: £12.99

Big haired man-child Paul Benson (Kevin Fraser) is a struggling photographer in London’s swinging 70’s Soho sleaze scene. He lives with his wife Kate (Julie Benson) as absurdly gorgeous as she is ridiculously accented, a statuesque Asian beauty with fake tits and a monotone Yorkshire brogue. Paul however can’t keep his hands off of his lodger/muse Emmanuelle (Mandy Miller) in between snapping pics of her naked and spreadeagled on a wicker chair. The photos are for live nude revue theater owner and all purpose porn promoter Bill (John M East) a slimy gap toothed weasel who tells our poor permed protagonist that his pictures lack any kind of creative talent, buying them for next to nothing, Bill then sneakily proceeds to sell them via his company (Pubic Productions) for a small fortune. When Paul rumbles Bill’s game he hatches a blackmailing scheme that will involve all and sundry getting naked and taking part in a drunken orgy!

Released theatrically in July 1981 this film represents the end of an era. The very last blockbuster of the British sex comedy era, running solidly for 35 weeks in London alone. As such it will always hold a certain fascination despite it’s low production values and sleazy content. It is another in a long line of sexploitation flicks from David Sullivan, porn mag supremo turned film producer. Apparently this film was originally intended as a vehicle for Brit porn queen Mary Millington who died before production commenced, in her place then Julie Lee appears in her one and only starring role (and coincidentally she was tragically killed in a car accident shortly after filming) is a terrible actress but somehow her offbeat delivery coupled with her stunning looks makes for compelling and often hilarious viewing.

The rest of the cast fare much worse, with Kevin Fraser being the most awful offender and Mandy Miller coming a close second. John East has a hyperactive line in quick fire gags that thud mercilessly off the cheap sets and leave you feeling shell shocked. Starting off fairly entertaining it comes across as a kind of soft-core Man About The House (or Three’s Company for you yanks) with ribald saucy British slap and tickle antics aplenty but shockingly enough for a film that only runs about an hour and features titsbushnarse with a frequent regularity you could set your watch by it becomes repetitive and a little tedious by the end. Due in large part to the steady cycle of a scene at home, a scene at Bill’s office, a scene in the rehearsal studio repeated over and over with only slight variations in clothing, which is quickly removed anyway.

The DVD:

Full frame picture appears to have been transferred from VHS but looks fine overall considering, some slightly muted colors would be my only complaint. The audio track is clean and clear.

Extras include an alternate US party sequence; shots from the ‘export-only’ European hardcore version of the film edited back in, but without the actual hardcore action (11 mins). An alternate US opening sequence; basically a 6 minute prologue so US audiences could familiarize themselves with the ‘salacious delights’ of Soho – plays like a mini-documentary.

And finally a few trailers for some other Brit-Sexploitation classics – Cool It Carol, Intimate Games, Secrets Of Sex and Spaced Out.

A camp classic for fans of low budget British sleaze only!

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