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Written by: on October 28th, 2011
Theatrical Release Date: USA, 2011
Production Company: Magnificent Waste Productions
Approximate running time: 8 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
Language: English
Director: Miles Trahan
Writer: Miles Trahan
Cinematographer: Conroy Sunshine
Ryan Castro, Jessica Lamdon, Mika Matsutani

Synopsis: A couple finds their relationship at a crossroads.

Stories about love, the act of ‘falling in’ and ‘falling out of’, have been around since the dawn of cinema. And while they way in which this subject has been depicted has slightly altered, with each new generations spin on the subject. In all at the core of each new exploration of this subject, the foundation has all but remained unchanged.
This brings us to Miles Trahan’s latest film production Emasculation, a film that explores the disintegration of a love affair over the course of eight minutes (seven minutes if you don’t count the opening and closing credits).

And just like his previous film production Bad Things, the narrative for Emasculation jumps right into the event at hand, with back-story kept to a minimum. Also just like the aforementioned Bad things, this film production only uses one location. In fact the majority of the what unfolds is told via close-ups of the two main characters, who’s love affair is coming to a end. The only other character is this film’s narrative is a waitress, who works at the restaurant where they the story takes place.

Pacing wise, there is never a issue as the well written dialog keeps things moving along at a break neck pace. Also there is a naturalness to the dialog, that makes the story at hand all the more believable. As mentioned before the visuals are not that flashy, with the camera focusing more on the performances and letting them speak for themselves.
When compared to Miles Trahan’s previous film Bad Things, his latest feature film Emasculation is a quantum leap in terms of his progression as a filmmaker. And if this film is any indication of where he is going as filmmaker, then the sky’s the limit for Miles Trahan.

You can find more information about Emasculation here.

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