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Edges of Darkness 
Written by: on November 24th, 2008

Release Date: USA, 2008
Approximate running times: 87 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 Widescreen
Language: English

Directors: Jason Horton, Blaine Cade
Writers: Jason Horton, Blaine Cade
Producer: Stephen Kayo
Cinematographer: James L. Bills
Composers: Pakk Hui
Cast: Alfonzo F. Jones, Annemarie Pazmino, Shamika Ann Franklin, Jay Costelo, Alisha Gaddis, Wayne Baldwin, Michelle Rose, Kelly Murray, Lee Perkins

The plot for Edges of Darkness revolves three separate tales that all are intertwined. The first story is about a husband who is obsessed with his computer and his attention starved with wife whose main interaction is with the zombies just outside their apartment. The second story line features a pair of vampires who are running out of victims to feed off of since the zombies have killed off most of mankind. The third story line revolves around a gung totting zombie killer who is enlisted by the Antichrist as a bodyguard against those who are trying to kill him. While all of this is happening the world is being overrun by zombies.

Even though the film opens with a flurry of zombie attacking and eating the flesh of the recently deceased the core of the story is more about its non zombie characters and how they cope with the impending apocalypse. The film also effectively mixes dark humor and action within the horror based plot. Edges of Darkness was co-written and co-directed by Jason Horton and Blaine Cade. Visually the film is technically sound and at times stylish. Pacing wise the film does a good job spending equal time with each of the three separate tales. All around the acting in the film is very good with the most memorable performance coming from Jay Costelo who plays the computer obsessed husband who is more worried about the screenplay he is writing on his computer than the zombies who surround his home. Another noteworthy performance if Lee Perkins (KatieBird *Certifiable Crazy Person) portraying a priest who hell bent on killing the Antichrist. The most interesting character in the film is a woman named Natalie who is abducted by a vampire couple. There is a few references made about how her blood tastes and what is exactly wrong with her blood is never fully explained. Annemarie Pazmino is mesmerizing in the role of Natalie. Ultimately Edges of Darkness is a highly entertaining film that puts an interesting twist on familiar themes.

Note: Edges of Darkness has been picked up for distribution by Shoreline Entertainment.

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