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Deense Snoepjes in Tirol 
Written by: on September 27th, 2005

Original Title: Zwei Däninnen in Lederhosen
Theatrical Release Date: Germany, 1978
Director: Franz Marischka
Writer: Franz Marischka
Cast: Deborah Mooney, Nathalie Neumann, Franz Muxeneder, Peter Steiner, Margot Mahler, Günther Fersch, Fred Stillkrauth, Herbert Fux

DVD released: May 16, 2005
Running time: 88m29s
Aspect Ratio: 1.50:1 non-anamorphic widescreen
Rating: 16
Sound: German Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono
DVD Label: unknown
Region Coding: Region 2 PAL (Netherlands)
Retail Price: 5.99 EUR
Discs: 1xDVD-5
EAN: 8713982008729

The Film :

Rosi and Uli are two lovely waitresses working in a striptease bar. When the vice squad closes the club down one night, they are both out of a job. They take the car of Uli’s boyfriend Tonio, a gangster, and decide to go to the Bavarian town Mutzenbach. However, the trunk of the car contains several packages of sexual potency increasing powder, belonging to Tonio’s boss. Once arrived, the two girls pose as sexy Danish girls in order to get free meals and lodging in the local inn. The innkeeper on the other hand believes he can make some money of these foreigners providing night time entertainment. He even persuades the police to release a Frenchman, recently arrested for importing pornography, to help him out. Naturally the girls are found out and have to ‘work’ of their debt. On top of that, the valuable white powder falls in the wrong hands and Tonio’s gang is coming to Mutzenbach to get it back.


The aspect ratio is about 1.50:1 and not anamorphically enhanced. The transfer is interlaced and obviously sourced from VHS so you know what to expect: an unstable, noisy and unclear picture. Luckily there’s still some, although oversaturated, colour left and not too many typical VHS defects.


The only option available is a German dolby digital 2.0 mono track. It sounds surprisingly good but naturally there’s some background hiss and humming. Dialogue is easy to understand. The Dutch subtitles are hardcoded in the picture and not outlined, making them hard to read sometimes.


There’s a static menu screen with a scene selection consisting of 4 chapters, even though the movie itself is divided in 6 chapters. We also get some previews (13m52s) of similar films. Unfortunately these are not theatrical trailers but merely some random scenes. Included are Der Kurpfuscher und seine fixen Töchter, Zwei Däninnen in Lederhosen, Kursaison im Dirndlhöschen, Das Wirtshaus der sündigen Töchter, Nackt und keß am Königsee and finally Liebesgrüße aus der Lederhose part 3 and 5. The cover design, probably using artwork from an old poster or VHS cover, looks cheap although it’s a lot better than those horrible photoshopped floating heads you often see nowadays. The short summary on the back completely misses the plot and I wonder if the person who wrote it actually saw the movie.


Germany produced countless numbers of these 70s Tyrolean sex comedies but this is actually one of the better ones I have seen. It doesn’t get too idiotic like many others, has some good humour and several sexy nude scenes. Just don’t expect an intelligent comedy here, but I’ll take it over Jim Carrey, Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider and other current non-comedians anytime. Also Deborah Mooney, the brunette in screenshot 3, looks absolutely gorgeous. Too bad it looks like she hasn’t appeared in any other films. Of course many familiar faces turn up such as Peter Steiner, Franz Muxeneder and Herbert Fux. Hardcore fans will probably recognize Sylvia Engelmann and Sepp Gneissl. Although the DVD is bad quality, it’s a good starting point to check out this genre of films since no other release seems to exist.

The same unknown label has released 10 movies in this series. Although they are sold in well known stores I believe they are bootlegs. Several of them have also been released in Germany in much better quality, but often censored, versions. I don’t know if all these Dutch DVDs are uncut but Sechs Schwedinnen auf der Alm for example shows much more explicit sex than the Swiss ABCDVD release. All DVDs are in German with hardcoded Dutch subtitles and contain the same previews as bonus. Please note that unless you can read Dutch, you need to have a good understanding of German because regularly a heavy Bavarian dialect is spoken in these films. Practically all the covers incorrectly list the running time and region code (it’s 2 not 0) and the summaries contain spelling errors. The image quality is similar to the DVD reviewed, sometimes slightly better, sometimes (a lot) worse. Since almost no info can be found and the Dutch covers don’t show the original titles, I will list them below along with their specifications (DVD Title, Original Title, Year, Director, Runtime, Aspect Ratio, EAN Code, Notes):

Deel 1: (B)rokkenjagers in Tirol – Nackt und keß am Königsee, 1977, Jürgen Enz, 75m42s, 4/3 (1.33:1), 8713982008705

Deel 2: Slip-cursus in Tirol – Der Kurpfuscher und seine fixen Töchter, 1980, Franz Marischka, 81m09s, 4/3 (1.50:1), 8713982008712, Starring Sybille Rauch

Deel 3: Deense Snoepjes in Tirol – Zwei Däninnen in Lederhosen, 1978, Franz Marischka, 88m29s, 4/3 (1.50:1), 8713982008729

Deel 4: Drie Apothekers Dochters – Blutjung und liebeshungrig, 1972, Franz Antel, 74m33s, 4/3 (1.33:1), 8713982008736, Starring Sybil Danning

Deel 5: 6 Blondjes op de Tiroler Toer – Sechs Schwedinnen auf der Alm, 1983, Erwin C. Dietrich, 85m57s, 4/3 (1.78:1), 8713982008743, Both the movie and previews are incorrectly flagged as 16/9 and should be displayed in 4/3

Deel 6: Tiroler Blondjes op het Liefdespad – Kursaison im Dirndlhöschen, 1981, Alois Brummer, 91m25s, 4/3 (1.33:1), 8713982008750, Terrible quality

Deel 7: Vrolijke Ontucht in Tirol – Liebesgrüße aus der Lederhose 5: Die Bruchpiloten vom Königssee, 1978, Gunter Otto, 97m59s, 4/3 (1.33:1), 8713982008767, Strangely enough the cover shows screenshots and a summary of Liebesgrüße aus der Lederhose 1

Deel 8: In Tirol Gaat de Ontucht Nooit Verloren – Liebesgrüße aus der Lederhose 3: Sexexpress in Oberbayern, 1977, Gunter Otto, 81m18s, 4/3 (1.33:1), 8713982008774

Deel 9: Drie Zweedse Blondjes in Tirol – Drei Schwedinnen in Oberbayern, 1977, Siggi Götz, 87m35s, 4/3 (1.33:1), 8713982008781, Starring Gianni ‘Sartana’ Garko

Deel 10: De Tiroler Sex Expres – Liebesgrüße aus der Lederhose 4: Die versaute Hochzeitsnacht, 1978, Gunter Otto, 91m57s, 4/3 (1.33:1), 8713982008798

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