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Dorm of the Dead (2009) 
Written by: on July 18th, 2010

Theatrical Release Date:
Approximate running time: 86 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Language: English

Directors: Tobias Canto Jr., Tyrel Good
Producer: Chelsea Benson, Max Johns, Michael Joyner
Screenplay: Tobias Canto Jr., Jimmy Anthony Donahue, Michael Joyner, John Strong
Cinematography: Oscar Rivera
Cast: Brian Mulligan, Patrick Roddy, Dana DiRado, John Shartzer, Aaron Sosa, Ryan DeLuca, Chelsea Bowdren, Jimmy Anthony Donahue, Jonathan Michael McClune, Ashley Pegg, Brian Oviedo, Michael Curtis Miller

Synopsis: A college campus is overrun by zombies.

Of late, there has been an abundance of zombie film’s flooding the cinema market. With many of them leaning towards the off the wall humor, that made a film like Shaun of the Dead so successful. And while many film’s have tried with mixed results to recapture the balance of humor and horror that was present in the aforementioned Shaun of the Dead. Balancing these two genres can be a dangerous proposition that will quickly derail a film from its intended destination.

Very early on Dorm of the Dead, establishes a irreverent tone that dominates the bulk of the film. With the characters who populate this story often making pop culture references that tie in with what is happening at any given moment. It is during these moments that the film works the best.

In the world of independent cinema. The horror film genre is a much traversed road. And while Dorm of the Dead takes one of the more resilient staples of this genre ‘the zombie’ to help move the story forward. The zombie is often regulated to background with the main focus being on a group of college kids who have banded together shortly after the zombie outbreak.

As mentioned before the zombies only play a minor part in the story at hand. And when they do arrive on the scene the amount of carnage is far below what one would expect from a zombie film. The zombies which populate this story like jocks and bikini wearing zombies go on with their lives as if nothing has changed. Some other areas where this film comes up short are the crude looking special effects and the acting which is all over the place. When all is said and done, Dorm of the Dead starts off interesting enough, only to lose its way by the time it reaches its conclusion.

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