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Creepy Doll, The 
Written by: on July 15th, 2011

Release Date: USA, 2011
Production Company: Big Biting Pig Productions
Approximate running time: 94 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
Language: English

Director: P.J. Woodside
Writer: P.J. Woodside
Cinematographer: Steve Hudgins
Cast: Kristine Renee Farley, Justin Veazey, Jessica Cook, Steve Hudgins, Savanna Storm, Cindy Maples, Randy Hardesty, Grey Hurt, Taylor McDaniel, Elaine Ruff, Carol Niswonger, Pete Law, Louie Lawless, Julia Griffith

Synopsis: What should have been a time for celebration, quickly turns deadly when a young woman’s past comes back to haunt her.

The Creepy Doll is screenwriter / director P.J. Woodside’s follow up to her directorial debut Widow. And while there have been several other films that have featured a psychotic dolls like The Puppet Master, Demonic Toys, Chucky and The Black Devil Doll. Those have been more rooted in the supernatural, while The Creepy Doll’s tends to lean more towards the psychological.

The plots revolves around newlyweds, who are expecting their first child and have just recently moved back to the husband’s hometown. After an initial setup explaining who everyone is and what their motivations are. The plot then shift’s its focus towards the husband relationship with a woman he has know since his childhood and how this relationship upsets his wife. Further friction is created due to the wife’s vast doll collection, which includes a very creepy looking doll that she refers to as her protector. Her grandmother gave her this doll was given to her, when she was a very young child. To go any further into the plot would give away to many of its plots twists and resolution.

From a production stand point the visuals lend themselves very well to the story at hand and pacing is never an issue as the film moves briskly from one revelation to the next. On the other hand the performances prove to be a little more problematic. Sure many independently made feature films often are lacking performance wise, mostly due to their casts lack of experience. Unfortunately that is not the cast with The Creepy Doll, since many of the cast have appeared in several other of Big Biting Pig Productions other productions and fare much better than they do in this film.

Issues with the performances aside, the premise is an interesting enough one that fans of demonic doll themed horror films should get the most out of this film, while anyone else looking for a straightforward horror film are bound to be disappointed.

The DVD release for The Creepy Doll comes with an anamorphic widescreen transfer and extras include a blooper reel, trailers for the film, deleted scenes, ‘Making of’ documentary, an audio commentary with screenwriter / director P.J. Woodside and cinematographer / actor Steve Hudgins and trailers for other Big Biting Pig Productions. You can purchase the DVD from Big Biting Pig Productions website which can be found here.

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