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Crazy Legs Conti: Zen and the Art of Competitive Eating 
Written by: on July 2nd, 2007

Theatrical Release Date: USA, 2004
Directors: Chris Kenneally & Danielle Franco
Cast: Crazy Legs Conti

DVD released: July 24th, 2007
Approximate running time: 72 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1 Full Frame
Rating: NR
Sound: Dolby Digital Stereo English
Subtitles: N/A
DVD Release: Blue Underground
Region Coding: Region 1 NTSC
Retail Price: $19.95

Synopsis: Crazy Legs Conti main obsession in life is eating food. When he is not competing in eating contests he is working various odd jobs around New York City. Since he was a young child he has always been fascinated by Nathan’s annual Fourth of July hot dog eating contest. Thus begins his journey as he starts off his career as a professional eater by setting the world record for most oysters eaten in one sitting. He continues to train and compete in various food eating contests as he prepares for the monumental Nathan’s Fourth of July hot dog eating contest.

Crazy Legs Conti is not as eccentric as he appears on the surface. His goal in life becoming the world’s most dominate eater and we immediately are shown from the get go that he takes all this very seriously. While his ultimate goal in life may not be a goal most viewers with also want to aspire for it is his passion for what he does that we most identify with as we all have goals in life just some are more unusual then others.

The structure of Crazy Legs Conti: Zen and the Art of Competitive Eating is straight forward narrative that shows us his humble beginnings and it all leads up to Crazy Legs finally achieving his dream competing in the Nathan’s Fourth of July hot dog eating contest. Along the way we are introduced to Crazy Legs family and closest friends. They give a level on normalcy to Crazy Legs who rarely lets his guard down as he spends most of the documentary hamming it up.

The subject matter of eating food for competitively is the most fascinating part of this documentary and the films lead subject Crazy Legs Conti feels a tad too one dimensional at times as he is so focused on one goal winning. Ultimately Crazy Legs Conti: Zen and the Art of Competitive Eating does have really cool moments like when Takeru Kobayashi eating fifty hot dogs with buns in just twelve minutes while the bulk of the film is not as impressive or interesting.

The DVD:

The audio/video presentation is more than adequate for the main feature. Blue Underground’s latest release Crazy Legs Conti: Zen and the Art of Competitive Eating is an average documentary about the bizarre sub culture of competitive eating. Fans of this subculture will thoroughly enjoy this film while those not as familiar will want to rent this one.

Besides the main feature this DVD is loaded with extras that include Left Over’s: 6 deleted scenes (17 minutes) with optional audio commentary, Snacks: a Tour of Coleman’s Bar & Grill (8 minutes), The Popcorn sarcophagus: a Home Movie (3 minutes) and The Nude Washing Stunt (3 minutes) with optional audio commentary, Eat NYC: Lower East Side (4 Minutes), I Love NY Pizza Part 1 (4 minutes), I Love NY Pizza Part 2 (3 minutes) and a Streetcar Named Desire (3 minutes) with optional audio commentary, Dessert: a Q&A with little Jimmy (9 minutes), Eat the World: a Photo Homage to Food and Eaters (4 minutes) and Dinshow in Central Park (4 minutes) and an audio commentary with Crazy Legs Conti and producer/director’s Chris Kenneally & Danielle Franco.

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