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Written by: on December 28th, 2005

Theatrical Release Date: West Germany, September 28th, 1989
Director: Max Kleven
Writer: Max Kleven
Cast: David Hasselhoff, Linda Blair, Tony Brubaker, Thomas Rosales Jr., John Vernon

DVD released: 2005
Approximate running time: 90 minutes (even though the box art says 75 minutes)
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1 Full-Frame
Rating: NR
Sound: Stereo
DVD Release: Digiview Productions
Region Coding: Region 0 NTSC
Retail Price: $1.00

Roger “White Bread” Donaldson (David Hasselhoff) is a down on his luck bounty hunter who needs to get paid quickly. So when a crocked bails bondsmen offers him the job top pick up and protect Annette Ridgeway the prosecutions led witness in a Columbian drug cartel case he takes the money thinking it will be an easy job. When he arrives to pick up Annette Ridgeway he is too late as the Columbian drug cartel are already there and have taken her hostage. So Roger with the help of his two friends Casper “Bean” Garcia and Mason “Blue” Walcott decide to track down the girl themselves in hope of a huge payday.

Titles can be deceiving and even though the DVD box art says the title of this film is “Bail Out” the films actual title is “W.B., Blue and the Bean”. This direct to video production was shot in between David Hasselhoff’s two greatest successes as an actor Knight Rider and Baywatch.

David Hasselhoff has had a long and varied career with more valleys then peaks, still how many actors can say that they worked with a talking car and Pamela Anderson’s breasts. Hasselhoff plays the same dry character he always seems to play and for added entertainment value he sports a mullet while wearing track jumpsuits. The acting in this film is pretty bad and what I found most astonishing is that the most convincing actor in the film was David Hasselhoff.

Direction wise the action is pretty standard and full of all the usual clichés. The music is straight out of the 1980’s reject pile. The story though is surprisingly good and might I say a lot fun in its own special way. Too its credit some of the action is pretty violent and the language in this film which include many racial slurs sets this direct to video action extravaganza slightly ahead of you’re a typical film form this genre.

The DVD:

Digiview Productions presents Bailout in a full frame aspect ratio that looks like it is the films original aspect ratio and considering this film was a direct to video shot I am almost certain this is the correct ratio. The colors at times look good and sometimes they look a little washed out. Details could look sharper then they do, still with these minor flaws the source used is virtually free of any print damage.

This DVD comes with only one audio option the films original English language track which is presented here in a Dolby Digital stereo. The audio sounds crisp with only a few minor instances of hiss. The music and effects sound just as good with a few instances in which there are distortion issues.

The only extra that comes with this DVD is a Digiview Productions promo reel trailer that has nothing to do with the film.

Bailout is a far fetched action adventure that sometimes crosses the line into bad cinema territory, still in the end this film if not taken to seriously can be a lot fun and of course any film that stars David Hasselhoff must be seen at least once.

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