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Babylon Pink 
Written by: on March 10th, 2006

Theatrical Release Date:
USA, 1979
Henri Pachard
Henri Pachard
Vanessa Del Rio, Eric Edwards, Samantha Fox, Georgina Spelvin, Arcadia Lake

DVD Released: November, 2005
Approximate Running Time:
76 minutes
Aspect Ratio:
1.33:1 Full Frame
Dolby Digital 5.1 English, Dolby Digital Mono English
DVD Release:
Media Blasters/Command Video
Region Coding:
Region 1 NTSC
Retail Price:

The premise of Babylon Pink is simple it is basically a day in the life of a few New York woman and their fantasies.After directing a handful of soft-core features Henri Pachard would make the transition into full blown hardcore with the film Babylon Pink. The story and the sex in Babylon Pink are pretty evenly balanced. The use of exterior shots in New York city add a some class to the overall production and one has to wonder what any of the innocent by standers who were filmed felt when they one day discovered that they were in a porno albeit an extra walking the sidewalk.

The majority of the women in Babylon Pink are extremely attractive as they for the most part exuded the girl next door vibe and have natural looking shapes. Then there is of course Vanessa Del Rio whose voluptuous frame is burning with desire as she is like a wild animal in bed.

Robert Kerman of Cannibal Holocaust fame shows up under the pseudonym R. Bolla. He plays the part of the uncle who is the object of his niece’s fantasy. The acting is exceptional in this film as all the performers handle every moment, every scene and every line of cheesy dialog with the utmost professionalism.

Henri Pachard’s pacing and direction keep things interesting tell the very end. Roberta Findlay beautifully photographs the whole film as well as editing the film. Some of the films subject matter like the scene between the young girl and her uncle pushed the boundaries of good taste. The sex scenes in this movie are well choreographed and for the most part steamy and hot.

When comparing a film like Babylon Pink to the films that currently dominate the porno market the differences are not only obvious they are like night and day. A lot of care went into these films and unlike today’s adult cinema. There is an edge to this classic era porn that is most likely never going to be seen or matched again. Since the industry has all but sanitized itself into an approachable product that the masses can enjoy without feeling dirty.

Babylon Pink is one of the better examples of adult cinema which proves that these films can and do have artistic value to them and that they can still remain erotic and entertaining without feeling mechanical.

The DVD:

Babylon Pink is presented in its original full frame aspect ratio. The colors look nicely saturated and flesh tones which there are an ample amount of look healthy. Black levels remain strong as details look sharp in the background and foreground. Grain is noticeable through out and outside of few minor instances of nicks and scratches this transfer looks immaculate. Overall Babylon Pink’s transfer is on par with Media Blasters/Command Video’s transfer for Neon Nights.

This release comes with two audio options Dolby Digital 5.1 and Dolby Digital mono mixes that are both in English. Both audio mixes are free of any hiss or distortion. The dialog sounds full and the music sounds evenly balanced as it never distorts the rest of the mix. The difference between the Dolby Digital 5.1 sounds slighter fuller then the Dolby Digital mono audio mix.

Extras for this release are spread across two DVD’s.

Extras for the first disc include a trailer one for the Babylon Pink which appears to be the cable T.V. version trailer since no hardcore is visible in this trailer. Other extras include over forty seven minutes of outtakes form the film. They footage is made up of outtakes and tail ends of reels and no sound was ever recorded for this footage. This footage plays silent as Cecil Howard doesn’t provide commentary like he did for the Neon Nights outtakes. Rounding out the extras for disc one are two audio commentaries the first one with Cecil Howard who is joined by Casey Scott who helps moderate the discussion. The second audio commentary is with director Henri Pachard who is joined by Adam Trash who helps moderate the discussion. Both moderators do a very good job of keeping the discussion lively and interesting. Cecil Howard and Henri Pachard both have rock solid memories as there is never a question that they don’t have an answer for.

Extras on disc two include an extensive photo gallery that includes over 100 stills. There is also another photo gallery of box art for the various films that Cecil Howard has worked on and music from the film plays in the background like a featurette. Other extras include a trailer for Neon Nights as well as trailers for Images in a Covent, Lady Emanuelle, Emanuelle Daughter Queen of Sados and British Babes go Wild volume1. The main extras include on this second disc are three interviews. The first interview which runs about thirty nine minutes is with the films editor/cinema photographer Roberta Findlay. This featurette covers most of her career and only a fraction of the time is actually spent discussing Babylon Pink. The second interview and the briefest of the three interviews’ are with the films director Henri Pachard. This extra is all too brief and nowhere near as insightful as the audio commentary with Henri Pachard included on disc one. The third and final interview is with Eric Edwards who is just as entertaining and informative this time around as he was in his interview included for the Neon Nights DVD. Rounding out the extras for the second disc is the cable T.V. version of Babylon Pink which runs about twelve minutes shorter then the XXX version. The T.V. version incorporates new non hardcore inserts to help pad the length of the film. The inclusion of the T.V. version is a nice addition if only to see how drastically as film can be changed when edited and censored. The quality of transfer for the T.V. version of Babylon Pink is tad worn out and it is nowhere near the quality of the XXX version’s transfer.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that a adult film from the golden of the 1970’s would ever look this good let alone comes with all these extra goodies, highly recommended.

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