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Collective Works of Joe Burke, The 
Written by: on September 15th, 2007
Release Dates: USA, 2005 (Hunter’s Fall, Disturbance 2013 & Morning Light). 2006, (Coop’s Night In), 2007 (Run)
Production Company: Elantra Films
Approximate running times: 9 minutes (Hunter’s Fall), 13 minutes (Disturbance 2013), 22 minutes (Coop’s Night In), 4 minutes (Run), 2 minutes (Morning Light). 3 minutes (Joe Burke Acting Reel)
Aspect Ratios: Widescreen
Language: English

Director: Joe Burke
Writer: Joe Burke
Cast: Scott Hess, Jeniffer Celaya, Jeff Boehm (Hunter’s Fall), David Fink, Evan Sierminski, Janel Benisch, Lindsey Pruett-Smith, Rich Januszkiewicz (Disturbance 2013), Michael Weinberg, Derrick Trumbly, Meghan Murphy, Leah Morrow (Coop’s Night In), Kevin OestenStad, Scott Hess (Run), Ron Rains, Kate Grady (Morning Light)

Recently I had the chance to revisit the films of Joe Burke and included with the films I had previously seen where a few new surprises from this up and coming filmmaker. Re-watching Disturbance 2013, Hunter’s fall and Coop’s Night In I was reminded of just how well put together each project was. Another thing about these three that struck me this time around was how ambitious each new project was in regards to the project that preceded them. One common thing that always seems to get thrown around when talking about independent cinema is that the acting looks or feels wooden. This is not the case with the films of Joe Burke the performers he chooses are all well versed not only in their craft but in the roles they choose to undertake.

The two new shorts included with this collection are “Run” a story about a hit man who is forced to chase his target and then eliminate them. There is very little dialog in this one and things move along quickly. The pacing of the chase was pitch-perfect. The other new short included is titled “Morning Light” is runs only about two minutes and consists of two lovers who have just woken up. They stare at each other and exchange small talk. Morning Light is simple and yet poignant. The final new addition to this release is a three minute reel of Joe Burke’s finest moments as an actor.

Here is a quick run down for the other three shorts included in this collection.

Disturbance 2013: Three friends’ lives are forever changed when they discover a young woman’s dead body in their bathroom. Should they tell the police about their find and risk becoming suspects themselves or should they dispose of the evidence that points towards them?

Hunter’s Fall: Hunter has been feeling down since his break up with his girlfriend. One day while walking the streets he runs into a beautiful young woman who disappeared just as quickly as she appeared. Hunter is unable to stop thinking about this girl who he only caught a glimpse of. Later that evening while walking Hunter hears a struggle happening in the alley. A young woman is being robbed and rapped by some street punk. Will Hunter rescue the woman from her attacker or will he turn a blind eye and walk away?

Coop’s Night In: Coop is awakened in the middle of the night by his friend Max who calls him up and invites himself over. The two friends talk about the party Coop missed early that evening and a girl named Liz who Coop has a crush on. While they are talking Kate who is bored and driving around calls up Max who invites her to come over to Coops. At first Coop is hesitant until he learns that Liz is in the car with Kate. Will Coop finally hook up with Liz or will his fears get in the way once again?

Ultimately if anything “The Collective Works of Joe Burke” showcase director Joe Burke’s undeniable talent for telling stories. Joe Burke clearly shows signs of a filmmaker who continues to grow by challenging himself with each new production. The next logical step for Joe Burke as a filmmaker would be a full length feature film which I eagerly await to see where he will take me next.

Want to know more about Joe Burke check out Ron Cotton’s interview with him here.

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