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Beach Babes From Beyond 
Written by: on March 23rd, 2013

Theatrical Release Date:
December 16th, 1993
Director: David DeCoteau
Writer: Alexander Sachs
Cast: Linnea Quigley, Joe Estevez, Joey Travolta, Burt Ward, Nikki Fritz
DVD Release Date: February 11th, 2013
Approximate Running Time: 75 minutes
Aspect Ratio: PAL 1.33:1 Fullscreen
Sound: Dolby Digital Stereo English
Subtitles: N/A
DVD Release: 88 Films
Region Encoding: PAL All Regions
Retail Price: £8.99

Beach Babes From Beyond is a wretched, bottom-of-the-barrel example of early nineties softcore foolishness at its most inane and tedious.

What’s even more depressing is the cast list for this film, a group which includes Joey Travolta (brother of John), Jackie Stallone (mother of Sly and Frank), Joe Estevez (uncle of Emilio) and Batman’s Burt Ward alongside exploitation starlet Linnea Quigley and Cinemax vixen Nikki Fritz. Beach Babes From Beyond actually enjoyed a fair run on this aforementioned cable network upon its release, and the film’s plot fits in just perfectly with the sort of thinly plotted tits ‘n ass fare which earned Cinemax its deserved nickname of “Skinemax” back in the day.

The said storyline of Beach Babes has been done a thousand and one times: hot girls in bikinis and random assortments of buff, greasy-looking dudes attempt to save something—a car wash, a restaurant, or, in this case, Joe Estevez’s beachfront property—while falling in love and/or having lots of sex along the way. In this film’s case, our heroines are three shapely space lasses who have run out of gas on Earth after a joy ride in their spaceship. Naturally, they decide to take on a bikini contest in order to assist Estevez in saving his home…and sexy shenanigans ensure.

The acting performances all make good upon the expected level of bad, made all the worse by the extended sequences of no dialogue, all featuring some of the worst musical accompaniment imaginable. These scenes are intercut with poorly delivered comedic nonsense and a number of lackluster sex scenes, none of which exude any sense of eroticism or heat. Granted, there is plenty of skin set on display here, but this can only go so far when viewing the movie in question becomes a truly painful and brain-liquefying experience.

The DVD:

88 Films presents Beach Babes From Beyond in a fullscreen transfer which preserves the film’s original video release via Torchlight Films, the softcore erotica sub-label of Full Moon Pictures. The picture and sound is fair, but not exemplary, still serving as a nice step up from any old VHS copies lying around. 88 Films always seems to come through when it comes to the extras department, however, with Beach Babes serving as no exception. In addition to the original Videozone “behind the scenes” featurette originally included with the film, 88 Films has also decided to include uncut, extended versions of the three sex scenes, all sourced from fuzzy, yet decent looking VHS copies. The end results are sequences which possess a tad more spice—particularly the Nikki Fritz scene, which is on par with almost anything the skin-flick vet go on to do later in her career—yet still can’t save Beach Babes From Beyond from being audio-video torture to the senses with an undeniably solid presentation from 88 Films.

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