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Backwoods Bloodbath 
Written by: on April 17th, 2010

Theatrical Release Date:
USA, 2007
Director: Donn Kennedy
Writers: Donn Kennedy, Brandon Semling
Cast: Scott Ash, Ryan Buth, Erin Castrapel, Seth Chilsen, Tyler Constable, Jesse L. Cyr, Adam J. D’Amato, David Lephardt, Angela Lowe, Dwight McMillan, Josh Mijal, Amy Quinn, Julie Roy, Travis Ruhland, Rex Steven Sikes, Kyle Swartz, Phil Vacca, Joseph Walzer

DVD released: April 26th, 2010
Approximate running time: 89 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1 Full Frame
Rating: 18 (UK)
Sound: Dolby Digital Stereo English
Subtitles: N/A
DVD Release: MVM Entertainment
Region Coding: Region 0 PAL (UK)
Retail Price: £12.99

Synopsis: A group of friends looking to have a good time rent a cabin in the woods for the weekend. There weekend of debauchery quickly turns fatal when they are targeted as prey by creature that has inhabiting this locations since 1877. Cut off from the rest of the world, will they work together or will their fear make them a easier target for the creature stalking them in the woods.

Backwoods Bloodbath, like so many low rent horror films are to similar in content making it hard to discern one film from the other. It is possible to make an independent horror film that brings something new to the genre. Case in point films like The Evil Dead and John Carpenter’s Halloween. While limited resources can often be seen as a crutch. This doesn’t make an excuse for lack of creativity.

The story for Backwoods Bloodbath is much by the numbers that it becomes so predictable that making it to the end proves to be a chore unto itself. the characters are your typical stereo types that populate countless other horror films. Even though these stereotype characters are in many ways an integral part to the horror film genre. They are more effective when there are not done as over the top caricatures. The cast of characters include rednecks, jocks, the token black character, insecure popular girl who sleeps around, a misfit character who never fit in with the rest of the group and the girl who is trying to understand him.

Performance wise it is hard to gauge the quality of the performances since they tend to go so far over the top this film comes close to being a comedy. Direction wise the film is even less effective. The two things that are enjoyable about this film are it’s absurd dialog that had me many times thinking ‘WTF’ and the kill scenes, because with each one that means one less annoying character that I have to endure.

Are there worse horror film’s than Backwoods Bloodbath? Yes, I have seen my fare share of them over the years. And on the flip side there are so many horror films that I would recommended before Backwoods Bloodbath. If you still are not convinced of this films mediocrity. Then watch it at your own risk, you have been forewarned.

The DVD:

Backwoods Bloodbath is presented in a 1.33:1 full frame aspect ratio. This interlaced transfer exhibits some motion blurring. Colors and flesh tones look accurate. Details look generally and black levels fare well. Considering the limited resources of this production I can’t imagine this transfer looking much better.

This release comes with one audio option, a Dolby Digital Stereo mix in English. There are several instances where the dialog sounds flat, while the score for the film tends to sound distorted at times.

Extras for this release include a trailer for the film and trailers for other MVM Entertainment DVD releases. Overall Backwoods Bloodbath gets a satisfactory DVD release from MVM Entertainment.

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