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Avon 7 Triple Feature (Slave of Pleasure / Prisoner of Pleasure / My Mistress Electra) 
Written by: on July 19th, 2011

Theatrical Release Dates:
USA, 1978 (Slave of Pleasure), USA, 1981 (Prisoner of Pleasure), USA, 1983 (My Mistress Electra)
Director: Shaun Costello
Cast: Jamie Gillis, C.J. Laing, Roger Caine, Gloria Todd, Roseanne Farrow, Shaun Costello, Ursula Austin, Dave Ruby, Patty Boyd, Robert Kerman, Theodora Duncan, Ashley Moore, Herschel Savage, Michael Thorpe (Slave of Pleasure), Patrice LaPerle, Jean Silver, Alan Marlow, Diane May, Robin Sane, Alan Adrian, Elizabeth Gray, Frank Sirocco, Dave Ruby, George Payne, Ashley Moore, Rod Pierce, Carter Stevens (Prisoner of Pleasure), Marlene Willoughby, Linda Vale, Jean Silver, Kathy Harcourt, Rod Pierce, Shaun Costello, Ashley Moore, George Payne, Dave Ruby, Carter Stevens, Honey Stevens (My Mistress Electra)

DVD released: May 24th, 2011
Approximate running times: 83 Minutes (Slave of Pleasure), 78 Minutes (Prisoner of Pleasure), 82 Minutes (My Mistress Electra)
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1 Full Frame (All Films)
Rating: XXX
Sound: Dolby Digital Mono English (All Films)
Subtitles: N/A
DVD Release: After Hours Cinema / Pop Cinema
Region Coding: Region 0 NTSC
Retail Price: $29.99

Slave of Pleasure: The mistress of a man who she is having an affair with makes a deal with white slave traders to kidnap his wife.

Prisoner of Pleasure: A housewife is abducted by a deviant gang of thugs, who turn her into a nymphomaniac.

My Mistress Electra: A husband learns that his wife has been leading a double life as a porn actress.

All three films were produced and directed by Shaun Costello, who is most for directing the notorious adult film Water Power. Some of his other notable films as a director include Forced Entry, The Passions of Carol, Dominatrix of Mercy and More Then Sisters.

Plot wise the first two of the film’s included with this collection, Slave of Pleasure and Prisoner of Pleasure revolve around kidnapping schemes that were also both instigated by mistresses. With the main difference between these two films being, Slave of Pleasure using 1940’s private detective’s film’s as its inspiration, while Prisoner of Pleasure is a straight forward kidnapping tale that is more concerned with the more exploitative aspects of the story at hand. Structure wise both films do a very good job fleshing out an actual story. Also the film’s editing is a satisfying mix of story and sex scenes. Unlike most adult film which wrap their sex scenes around plot driven moments. These two film’s are cut in such a way that the most sex scenes cut back and forth between the plot driven moments. This style of editing also serves the pace of these film’s extremely well as there are never any dull moments.

The plot for the third film is essentially a cat and mouse game between a husband and his wife. After he views a adult film that features a woman that looks a lot like his wife. He then sets out to get her to reveal her secret. When compared to the other two films included as part of this collection, My Mistress Electra feels tame by comparison. Also the pacing is not as tight as it was in Slave of Pleasure and Prisoner of Pleasure. There are a handful of moments where the plot tends to drag.

Visually all three film’s look great and the sex scenes are all hold up really well, especially the bondage scenes in Prisoner of Pleasure. All three film’s feature strong cast which are made up of some of the more prominent names from the golden age of adult cinema. Jamie Gillis (The Opening of Misty Beethoven) plays a Frenchman that deals in the slave trade and C.J. Laing in the role of a mistress (Maraschino Cherry) gives what is arguably the best performance too emerge from these three films and Jean Silver an amputee actress appears in two of the three films included in this collection.

The DVD:

All three films are presented in their original 1.33:1 aspect ratio. Also all three film’s have been pre-mastered in HD and sourced from 16mm film elements. Though there are scratches and print debris that varies in degree throughout. The overall quality for all three films is very good, details look crisp and there are no problems with compression.

Each film comes with one audio option each, a Dolby Digital mono mix in English. Dialog comes through clearly enough, background noise and distortion are minimal.

The first disc of this release comes with Slave of Pleasure and Prisoner of Pleasure, while the second disc comes with My Mistress Electra and the following extras, trailers for My Mistress Electra, Kneel Before Me, Dr. Bizarro, Oriental Techniques in Pain and Pleasure, Wicked School Girls, Bizarre Styles, Tales of the Bizarre and House of Sin. Also included with this release is a DVD booklet with liner notes about Avon Films, Slave of Pleasure, Prisoner of Pleasure and My Mistress Electra that were written by John Nilsson. Overall After Hours Cinema have put together a strong release that fans of Avon Films should thoroughly enjoy.

Editor’s Note: Below is an email that was sent to us from Shaun Costello.

“This DVD – AVON 7 TRIPLE FEATURE, containing three titles: Slave of Pleasure, My Mistress Electra, and Prisoner of Pleasure, all of which were created, produced, directed, written, and edited by me, is being released by After Hours Cinema/Alternative Cinema without my permission. I hold the copyright pseudonymously to both, Slave of Pleasure, which was distributed through Star Distributors, and Prisoner of Pleasure, which was distributed through Leisure Time Booking. Post 1978 feature film copyright information can be accessed through: copyright.gov should anyone care to look. I have served After Hours Cinema/Alternative Cinema with a cease and desist notice, demanding that they cease and desist from any attempt to sell these titles over the internet, or in retail outlets, and they have chosen to ignore my demand. It is my understanding that After Hours Cinema/Alternative Cinema obtained 16MM prints of these feature films from a person who had, at one time, worked for the Avon Theater chain, and who has stored many of the prints shown at the Avon Theaters that had not returned to the distributors. The Avon Theater Company did not produce these titles, which are preudonymously copyrighted to me. Possession of these 16MM prints does not constitute the right to market them by any means whatsoever, and DOES constitute infringement of my copyright to these titles, as well as infringement of my right of privacy. Many people, over the years, have made vast amounts of money by selling films that I have made, without bothering to get permission to do so. This is just another example.


Thank you, Shaun Costello”

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