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American Nudie Classics 
Written by: on December 10th, 2010

Theatrical Release Dates:
Directors: Various
Cast: Various

DVD released:
January 25th, 2011
Approximate running times: 193 minutes
Aspect Ratios: 1:33:1 Full Frame
Rating: NR
Sound: Dolby Digital Mono English
Subtitles: N/A
DVD Release: Independent Entertainment
Region Coding: Region 0 NTSC
Retail Price: $19.99

This is a well organized approach to loop packaging, presenting the contents in distinct sections by decade; 30’s through the 60’s. Each decade has a brief montage of important events and personalities as a title segment. Then follows the collection of material, run time ranging from fragments to the quarter hour , and content from modest dance routines to full frontal nudity; the latter category primarily in the 30’s and 60’s sections.

Most nudie films tend to be boring (even mind numbing), but they don’t have to be. From 1936 is a fascinating and titillating epic running a full 9 minutes titled ‘Nautical Nudies’. A babe bumps into a man on her way to a girl’s nudist club rendezvous for a trip to Catalina island, but she is followed by the lecherous creep. The girls doff their duds as soon as they reach the boat, though the busty newbie needs some encouragement (as we are informed by subtitles). Nude climbing down into the boat, rowing, dedication ceremony, initiation games, some beach ball tossing – then the fully dressed male intruder steals their clothes and forces them to submit to his will. When they get back to the boat he picks one to go off with him, while we are left to gawk at the remaining buxom babes until THE END.

A must-see adventure. Also from the 30’s section and equally compelling, if not as complex, is ‘Nude Frolics’, a tale of two babes swimming in the pool when two girlfriends come to visit. Since they don’t have suits they naturally jump into the pool with their clothes on! Then they climb out (now in see through clothes), peel them off, and dive in. What the hay?  The other girls peel their suits and we enjoy – what else but nude beach ball tossing. A fun time is to be had by all.

The forties are less compelling, though a naked woman dances while smoking a cigarette. It disappears mid dance and then magically reappears.  Ever seen a woman rub the filter end of a lit cigarette against her breast? Also featured are three Moya Grifford dance subjects. The fifties decade is dominated by Coincraft burlesque dance routines (obviously arcade machine subjects). Alas, the 50’s display not a single bare bosom until the very last short. but the 60’s immediately remedy that situation.

A notable aspect of the collection overall is the abundant percentage of Latino performers, and several are presented in the sixties section. We start off with a bang with three shorts feature busty babes backed by psychedelic fuzz guitar instrumentals. The third is the worse condition short of the collection, often out of focus with numerous jumps and rolls (apparently from sprocket damage). She is one of the star Latino men’s magazine models of the period, which does justify it’s inclusion. Just pretend it’s supposed to be psychedelic.

The DVD:

Presented full screen, the quality varies widely according to the short, but is mostly above average for this type of collection. Black and white except for the 60’s which is mostly in color. You can play the entire feature, or individual decades, or select loops within the decade. Much material is not indexed, so watching the individual decades and making notes is advised for discretionary viewing.

Many of these subjects could be shown in history or film class at the local Junior High School without raising an eyebrow. Others, primarily the sixties section, would land you in the can, pronto. Overall an interesting release, occasionally raunchy but never explicit, with several subjects worthy of repeat viewings.

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