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American Nudes – Volumes I, II & III 
Written by: on December 11th, 2008

Release Dates: Various
Directors: Various
Cast: Various

DVD released: September 2nd, 2008
Approximate running time: 215 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1 Full Frame
Rating: NR
Sound: Dolby Digital Mono English
Subtitles: N/A
DVD Release: Cult Epics
Region Coding: Region 0 NTSC
Retail Price: $39.95

A three volume set of 16mm shorts where each disc is fairly consistent in content and quality unto itself, but quite disparate from the others. Are they any good? Well, two out of three ain’t bad.

The first disc (black and white, full screen).

The first disc is labeled 1940 – 1950.  Not a chance. There are two voiced over compilations that include fan dances and such from the 40’s mixed with 50’s nudist footage, and then a couple of non-nude underwater dance shorts. Everything else is fifties big boob loops – busty, curvaceous, and appealing. Several of these are among the most entertaining of their genre.

Accidental Nudes – Two broads are swimming when two clothed babes show up. No suit, but after they fall in the pool and emerge in very revealing wet dresses – they decide to shuck it all. Soon lots of babes show up, strip, then jump in the pool. A guy what is a cross between Oliver Hardy and Edward Wood, Jr. winks broadly and snaps photos of the goings on.  After a little pool volleyball, some more broads show up in nothing but bathing caps – but one of them is a naked dude! The End.

Let ‘er Rip – A blond is struggling down the hillside, accompanied by her friend. She gets caught in a bramble thicket that rips off every stitch of her clothes!  Her friend, who had sensibly walked around the hazard, brings the remnants of her clothes. Humm, must fashion something to wear. Rip the cloth into a top, then bounce, squeeze, and barely cram them in. Fashion a hasty skirt then back up the hill. Whoops, she forgot to cover her backside! The End.

Snug Fit – A babe needs to don a tie-on bikini. Takes a lot of prodding, and pressing, and flopping, to get those puppies in there.

Rosy Dream and Naturally Yours – A two part feature starring an Audrey Totter look-a-like with D cups. First she treats us to nude organic gardening with a hoe, later she performs an amazing engineering feat by bathing in a standard galvanized wash tub. Then she lays flat on her back to dry in the sun. These pancakes are all natural, boys.

Home Play – A hilarious short with Donna ‘Busty’ Brown and very attractive friend playing ‘at’ baseball. Lots of bending over to get the ball, lots of burlesque style ‘takes’. Also included is Balloon Busted, with Busty Brown running around with a balloon. Think there might be a double entendre in that title?

The ‘celebrity’ loops including Busty Brown and Cherrie Knight are far rougher in condition that the other shorts. But it all looks impeccable compared to:

The Second disc (black and white, full screen).

Starting with several non-nude Irving Klaw fetish shorts (stockings, catfights) that look pretty good (and boring), we move to 50’s big bust loops that look TERRIBLE. Yes, Janie Frawley is here, and the gravity defying implants of Honey Bee, but the poor picture quality will give you a headache. Probably not the head you were looking to stimulate. This disaster is a throw-away disk.

The Bonus Disc.

First, this one’s in color. Second, these are 70’s hardcore porn loops, but before professionalism butted in. After a soft lez short, we go more and more hardcore with each one. Camera work is sometimes impressive and nearly always adequate. What it doesn’t have is clinical inserts. Maybe they couldn’t afford the zoom lens, or to purchase inserts from extraneous personnel. These encounters are obviously staged but at the same time naturalistic. There are some quite impressive shorts here, with some of the performers having mastered particular disciplines quite well. Best of all, the activities can be observed at the same time as the participants. Granted, these participants are mostly hippies who have sores and pimples that aren’t so adorable, but this is a very good general selection of  ‘under the radar’ amateur style 70’s porno loops. These folks probably didn’t care to get paid – just have sex, and it shows. IN COLOR.

Disc three also has three bonus shorts. Short one: The 30’s, an excellent B&W historic piece including the automobile, clothing, and gritty ambience of the depression. The ultimate in guerilla filmmaking: no set, just a car and a dirt road and the woods.  Appears to be circa 1929, but looks much better than you would ever expect. The other two bonus loops (40’s and 50’s) both look horrendous.

Discs one and three are keepers, you can use disk two as a coaster or a frisbee (wear protective gear). The big bust loops are fun and condition quite acceptable, the hardcore loops are realistic, and again, condition is quite above average. Recommended.

Note: American Nudes Volume I and II were released separately. They are both included with the third Bonus disc in the American Nudes Volumes I, II & III Collection.

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