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A Black Veil for Lisa (BluRay) 
Written by: on February 29th, 2016

Theatrical Release Date: Italy, 1968
Director: Massimo Dallamano
Writers: Giuseppe Belli, Massimo Dallamano, Vittoriano Petrilli
Cast: John Mills, Luciana Paluzzi, Robert Hoffmann

BluRay released: October 27th, 2015
Approximate running times: 88 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 Widescreen / 1080 Progressive / MPEG-4 AVC
Rating: R
Sound: DTS-HD Mono English
Subtitles: N/A
BluRay Release: Olive Films
Region Coding: Region A
Retail Price: $29.95

Synopsis: When a narcotics detective discovers his wife has been cheating on him. He hires a hitman to kill his wife.

A Black Veil for Lisa was co-written and directed Massimo Dallamano, who would only direct a total of twelve films before his untimely death at the age of fifty nine. His most notable films as a director include What Have You Done to Solange? andWhat Have They Done to Your Daughters? Before making the transition to directing, Massimo Dallamano was one of the most in demand cinematographers. Some of his more notable films as a cinematographer included Gunfight at Red Sands, A Fistful of Dollars, Bullets Don’t Argue and For a Few Dollars More.

Key collaborators on A Black Veil for Lisa include, screenwriter Vittoriano Petrilli (Operation Crossbow, The Great Silence), cinematographer Angelo Lotti (Venus in Furs, Seven Blood-Stained Orchids) and composer Giovanni Fusco (Hiroshima Mon Amour, L’Eclisse). The Italian language title of the film is La morte non ha sesso, which roughly translates into Death Has No Sex.

Content wise, though this film features many of the staples which have become synonymous with the Giallo genre. The end product is actually closer to a police procedural that occasional diverges into the realm of psychological terror. With this film’s protagonist, a narcotics detective named Franz Bulon and his fears being a prime example of the latter.

This film narrative is well constructed and there is an ample amount of moments of misdirection. Also the main characters are well defined and their persona’s greatly aide the story at hand. And when it comes to pacing there are issues as things move at good momentum.

Visually the most stylish moments are those which focus on the Lisa character as she is either up to no good or in the clutches of a killer. With this film’s standout moment being the scene where Lisa invites the killer into her home and her husband who has been having seconds thoughts tries to frantically call her. This scene is just one of many moments where things are no always what they appear to be.

Performance the secondary characters ae best described as adequate. With this film’s standout performance coming from John Mills (Ryan’s Daughter) in the role of Franz Bulon, an inspector who suspects his is having an affair. He delivers an utterly convincing performance that fully embodies his character’s fears. Other notable performance includes, Luciana Paluzzi (ThunderballGreen Slime) in the role of Lisa, Bulon’s much younger wife and Robert Hoffmann (Wake Up and Kill, Spasmo) in the role Max Lindt, the man who has been hired by Bulon to kill Lisa.

The BluRay:

A Black Veil for Lisa comes on a 25 GB single layer BluRay. The film is presented in a 1080 progressive widescreen. The source used for this transfer is in very good shape. And though print debris crops up throughout this presentation, it is always very minor and never intrusive. When it comes to colors there are moments when they look vivid and this is most evident when yellow and reds appear onscreen. It should be noted there is some mild color fluctuation, but once again this is not something that becomes distracting. Contrast and black levels remain strong throughout. Shadow detail fares well and the image generally looks crisp. Grain looks natural and there are no issues with DNR or compression.

This release comes with one audio option, a DTS-HD mono mix in English. The audio is in good shape. There are no issues with background noise or distortion. Dialog is always clear and everything sounds balanced. Range wise don’t expect too much. The film was shot without sound and everything was dubbed latter in post-production. With that being said, the more ambient sounds fare well and the film’s score sounds robust.

This release comes with no extra content.

Overall A Black Veil for Lisa gets a strong audio / video presentation from Olive Films.

Note: Olive Films are also releasing this film on DVD.

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