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Trey Parker 
Written by: on March 12th, 2005

“God bless us, everyone”

Trey Parker is best known for his Comedy Central Animated Series ‘South Park.’ Born as Randolph Severn Parker III in Texas on October 19, 1969, his unique technique of crafting humorous movies with over the top musicals began in the University of Colorado in Boulder. After breaking a relationship with his beloved Lianne, Trey creates a Trailer named ‘Alferd Packer: The Musical’ for the sole purpose that he may proclaim: ‘Hi, my name is Alferd Packer, and this is my horse, Lianne.’ Becoming a success in his film department, Trey displayed his talents as a lead actor, director, singer, and songwriter in the full length feature film, ‘Cannibal! the Musical.’ Eventually, Trey was expelled from school for failing grades and left completely broke. Brian Graden, a FoxLab executive, took notice of ‘Cannibal! the Musical’ and commissioned a Video to give to his friends over Christmas. Taking clips from a prior short ‘Frosty vs. Santa Claus’, Trey created a longer, improved ‘The Spirit of Christmas’ which spreads like wildfire as an Internet cult classic. Because of the popularity of this short, Executives at Comedy Central decide to pick up Trey Parker’s Animated Series ‘South Park’ instead of Mike Judge’s ‘King of the Hill.’

“Hey, I don’t wanna sound like a queer or nothin’, but I think unicorns are kick ass!” — Dave in Orgazmo

Orgazmo, which featured similar veins of Mormonism and tae kwan do found in Cannibal! with the same major cast. Trey creates a musical group called DVDA to create the theme music for Orgasmo. Unable to complete editing on the sex-fest Orgazmo, Trey and company had to resort to working on the studio film BASEketball to raise funds.

“America! F-YEAH!” — Team America: World Police Theme Song

Comedy Centrals “That’s My Bush!” and Team America: World Police are Trey’s latest attempts into political humor which has so far received lukewarm appraisal. In Team America: World Police, the puppets proved difficult to pose and move for action scenes and over all Trey & Matt were totally fed up. Trey & Matt also created shorts for two newer DVD releases for Lloyd Kaufman’s Troma Entertainment.


Team America: World Police 2004
Tales from the Crapper 2004
“That’s My Bush!” 2001 (TV Series)
Terror Firmer 1999
South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut 1999
South Park 1998 (TV Series)
BASEketball 1998
Orgazmo 1997
Cannibal! The Musical 1996
The Spirit of Christmas 1995 (Short)
Your Studio and You 1995 (Short)
Alferd Packer: The Musical 1992 (Trailer)
American History 1992 (Short)
Jesus vs. Santa Claus 1992 (Short)

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