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The Nasty Girls of the LPWA 
Written by: on April 26th, 2017

The LPWA, as reviewed here was inarguably the best ever women’s professional wrestling league. Several of the participants were trained by Killer Kowalski, who had no knowledge that a few of them had been topless boxers and even hardcore film performers prior to his 18 month training course.

Misty Blue Simmes had a respectably successful in-ring wresting career from 1985 – 1997 including many territorial men’s wrestling promotions including the NWA and WCW. She had a real life ‘stable’ of associates that followed her through the various leagues, especially Linda Dallas and Kat Leroux. Misty and Linda seemed especially joined-at-the-hip, and a prime example is both appearing in the hardcore porn film Slit Skirts (1983).

Slit Skirts starred Joanna Storm, Rachel Ashley, and Ron Jeremy rather early in their careers. It’s the story of a research hospital / asylum for psychosexual patients with Joey Silvera (credited as Steve Stud in a non-sex role) supervising the ward. Nymphomaniac Toby (Linda) constantly masturbates and through flashback reveals the reason for her disorder: a sexual encounter where she does a dude missionary and anal before performing deep throat on the guy (Buddy Sims aka Buddy Hatton) who’s been watching the entire time while flogging his log. Next Ron Jeremy, wrists strapped to the bed, in desperation performs auto-fellatio prior to being serviced by the nurse played by Bunny Hatton (aka Misty Blue).

Dirty Scooter Trash may be the best biker themed porno ever made as it is scuzzy but not cruddy. The big stars here are Ron Jeremy, Rhonda Jo Petty, Barbie Dahl, and Tasha Voux. This was advertised as a biker porno produced by and featuring real bikers, and so it appears to be in actuality. Linda has a few brief cut-to shots polishing a knob and can barely be glimpsed topless.

Both Misty and Buddy appear in all three adult features in which Linda participated: Slit Skirts, Alley Cats: The Saga of the Raging Cow, and Dirty Scooter Trash. Misty and Buddy both appear in Consenting Adults, The Erotic World of Angel Cash, Burlexxx, and Rites of Passion. The general assumption seems to be that Buddy was Misty’s brother-in-law. Kat Leroux only appeared as a topless boxer in Alley Cats: The Saga of the Raging Cow. The few features that featured simulated violence of any sort with explicit sex mostly met with severe after-the-fact censorship. Raw Talent starring Jerry Butler featured sex and mostly non-sex scenes that were truncated from later video reissues. It also featured Ron Jeremy, Rhonda Jo Petty, and Joey Silvera. Déjà vu. That was likely the fate of the reissue as Alley Cats.

The LPWA Nasty Girls tag team of Linda Dallas and Kat Leroux may never have won a single match but were nevertheless one of the greatest heel jobber tag teams of all time, male or female. [The Hart Foundation were at the time, but progressed far beyond that eventually becoming faces.] Nasty Linda only knew one phrase apparently, “We’re number one”, but her screaming and cheating and animated histrionics made her stand out. [The training firmed up her ample bosom which helped as well.] She was quick as a snap, but at 4′ 11″ and 110 lbs. putting her in a ring with, say Reggie Bennett, was stretching the suspension of disbelief more than a bit. Not in the way their encounter was portrayed but just because they were in the ring together to begin with. [See Andre The Giant: title reigns and lost matches.]

These three ladies were talented wrestling personalities and appeared in most of the prominent federations but would soon be dismissed once their sordid past was exposed. Apparently Vince McMahon did his background checks first. We must applaud the LPWA for the legacy of The Nasty Girls. All pictures and screen caps feature Linda Dallas aka Nasty Linda / Linda Jackov / Lindy Jackoff / and her real name: Linda M. Joaquin. Hot n’ Nasty.

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