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Sue Shihomi 
Written by: on February 1st, 2005

Etsuko Shihomi aka Sue Shihomi was born October 29th, 1956 in Nishidaiji, Okayama. As a teenager Shihomi was a huge fan of Sonny Chiba’s and after writing him a few times she was invited to join his elite Japan Action Club. Shihomi was of the few women in the Japan Action Clubs ranks and she quickly rose to the top and became one of the best known.

Shihomi made her feature film debut opposite Sonny Chiba in 1973’s Bodyguard Kiba and she also had a supporting role in Chiba’s The Street Fighter. In 1974 she would star in the Street Fighter spin off Sister Street Fighter and she would go on to star in the 2 sequels. In addition to being a gymnast and martial artist Shihomi was risk taker who liked to live on the edge. She liked to leap from his places and for the promotion of Samurai Reincarnation where she jumped from one building to the next to the delight of her on looking fans.

As the martial arts craze died down by the early 1980’s Shihomi shifted towards more period films and dramatic TV work. Since 1986 Shihomi has been missing in action from the movie scene and no one has filled that huge void she has left. One would have to look to Hong Kong cinema to find Shihomi’s contemporaries that could match her grace, beauty, and brutality.


Tora-san 37 (1986)
Atami satsujin jiken (1986)
Cabaret (1986/II)
Nidaime wa Christian (1985)
Shanghai Rhapsody (1984)
Legend of the Eight Samurai (1983)
Roaring Fire (1982)
“Kage no gundan III” (1982) TV Series
Exchange Students (1982)
Fall Guy (1982)
Moon Mask Rider (1981)
Dragon Princess (1981)
Shogun’s Ninja (1980)
“Yagyuu Conspiracy” (1979) TV Series
The Adventures of Kosuke Kindaichi (1979)
The Shogun’s Samurai (1978)
Message from Space (1978)
Soul of Chiba (1977)
Golgo 13 Kowloon Assignment (1977)
The Eye’s Visitor (1977)
Karate Bear Fighter (1977)
Onna hissatsu godan ken (1976)
Hissatsu onna kenshi (1976)
“Gorilla Seven, The” (1975) TV Series
Sister Streetfighter 3 (1975)
The Killing Machine (1975)
Bullet Train (1975)
Karei-naru tsuiseki (1975)
Wakai kizoku-tachi: 13-kaidan no Maki (1975)
The Executioner 2: Karate Inferno (1974)
The Bodyguard (1974)
Sister Streetfighter 2 (1974)
The Street Fighter’s Last Revenge (1974)
Sister Street Fighter (1974)
The Street Fighter (1974)
Bodigaado Kiba: Hissatsu sankaku tobi (1973)
“Kikaidâ Zero Wan” (1973) TV Series

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