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Seijun Suzuki 
Written by: on May 27th, 2004

Seijun Suzuki was born on May 23rd, 1923 in Tokyo, Japan. Suzuki’s calculated B-movie renditions of yakuza thrillers put him in the company of other postmodern artists (Antonioni, Bergman, Godard and Samuel Fuller) Suzuki’s is now being recognized.

Suzuki’s style is deliberate as the flow of his narrative structures and the experimentations is his symbolic use of colors and stylized acting show in every frame just home ahead of his time he was. In 1956 Suzuki would make his first feature for the Nikkatsu Studios and he go on to direct 42 films over an 11 year span for Nikkatsu.

During his peak period 1963-1967, Seijun Suzuki would go on to create some of the most ambitious and daring B-films in the history of cinema. With each new film he would try to top himself as an artist and keep the audiences attention. Films like Toyko Drifter and Branded to Kill, (a film that is now regarded as Suzuki’s masterpiece worldwide) would lead to Suzuki being fired from Nikkatsu.

In a unprecedented move Suzuki Feeling cheated sued Nikkatsu for wrongful dismissal, a case which the director won three and a half years later. Though he won in the courts, Suzuki was effectively blacklisted by all of the major studios for nearly ten years. Suzuki would work on and off for the next 35 years and with the film Pistol Opera he appears to have returned to his more experimental toots. If you can find a copy of the long OOP Branded to thrill: The Delirious Cinema of Seijun Suzuki, it is a fascinating read of artist who is just now being discovered.


Princess Raccoon (2005)
Pistol Opera 2001
Kekkon 1993
Yumeji 1991
Rupan III: Legend of the Gold of Babylon 1985
Capone Cries a Lot 1985
Lupin III: The Gold of Babylon 1984
Heat Shimmer Theater 1981
Tsigoineruwaizen 1980
The Fang in the Hole 1979
A Tale of Sorrow and Sadness 1977
A Mummy’s Love 1970
There’s a Bird Inside a Man 1969
Good Evening Dear Husband: A Duel 1968
Branded to Kill 1967
Fighting Elegy 1966
Tokyo Drifter 1966
Carmen from Kawachi 1966
Stories of Bastards: Born Under a Bad Star 1965
Life of a Tattooed Man 1965
Story of a Prostitute 1965
The Flower and the Angry Waves 1964
Our Blood Will Not Forgive 1964
Gate of Flesh 1964
The Bastard 1963
Kanto Wanderer 1963
Detective Bureau 2-3: Go to Hell Bastards 1963
Youth of the Beast 1963
High-Teen Yakuza 1962
The Guys Who Put Money on Me 1962
Blood-Red Water in the Channel 1961
Hell of a Guy, A 1961
Million Dollar Smash-and-Grab 1961
Muteppo-daisho 1961
The Man with a Shotgun 1961
The Wind-of-Youth Group Crosses the Mountain Pass 1961
Tokyo Knights 1961
Clandestine Zero Line 1960
Aim at the Police Van 1960
Sleep of the Beast 1960
Fighting Delinquents 1960
Everything Goes Wrong 1960
Passport to Darkness 1959
Humihazushita haru: Aoi chib II 1959
Love Letter 1959
Age of Nudity 1959
Young Breasts 1958
The Spring That Didn’t Come 1958
Voice Without a Shadow 1958
Underworld Beauty 1958
Eight Hours of Terror 1957
The Naked Woman and the Gun 1957
Inn of the Floating Weeds 1957
Satan’s Town 1956
Pure Emotions of the Sea 1956
Harbour Toast: Victory Is in Our Grasp 1956

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