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Bruce Lee 
Written by: on April 8th, 2004

Bruce Lee was born on November 27th, 1940 in San Francisco, California and at 3 months old he makes his film debut in “Golden Gate Girl”. The following year his family would move back to Hong Kong. Bruce would continue to act through out his youth and he would go on to appear in 20 films by the age of 18. Bruce would return to the place of his birth San Francisco briefly before moving on to Seattle, Washington where he would enroll at the University of Washington, studying Philosophy.

Bruce would meet his future wife Linda Emery at the University of Washington. In 1965 Bruce is signed to a one-year option for The Green Hornet. He is paid an $1,800 retainer. On February 1st, 1965 Brandon Bruce lee is born and like his father he would die young and tragically. During Bruce’s brief stint in Hollywood 1967-1971 he would land bit parts in movies and various T.V. series. He also gives private lessons for up to $250 an hour to personalities Steve McQueen, James Coburn, James Garner, Lee Marvin, Roman Polanski, and Kareem Abdul Jabbar. In Los Angeles in 1970 Bruce injures his sacral nerve and experiences severe muscle spasms in his back while training. Doctors told him that he would never kick again. During the months of recovery he starts to document his training methods and his philosophy of Jeet Kune Do. Later after his death, The Tao of Jeet Kune Do is published by his wife in memory of Bruce Lee. In 1971 Bruce goes back to Hong Kong to arrange for his mother to return with him to the United States.

While in Hong Kong he would be approached by Raymond Chow, owner of a new production company, and offers the lead role in a new film called The Big Boss to Bruce he accepts. The Big Boss in Hong Kong proceeds to gross more than $3.5 million in little than three weeks. Bruce follow up Fist of Fury (released in the U.S. as The Chinese Connection) grosses more than The Big Boss and further establishes Bruce as a Hong Kong superstar. The Way of the Dragon (released in the U.S. as The Return of the Dragon) Bruce has gained more control and this film surpasses all records set by his previous two films. In February, 1973 Bruce gets his chance at American stardom with the film Enter the Dragon. It is the first-ever production between the U.S. and Hong Kong film industries. Bruce Lee died July 20th, 1973 Hong Kong of an apparent cerebral edema (swelling of the brain). Bruce Lee would become Martial arts first superstar and even though there would be many clones in the wake of his passing no one ever had the drive or charisma of Bruce lee. He was truly an original.

Bruce developed his martial art style called Jeet Kune Do (Way of the Intercepting Fist) which is more of an idea of being flexible and practical with learning martial art and mastered a technique called “The One Inch Punch”, in which he could deliver a devastating blow yet have his fist travel a mere one inch (2.54 cm) in distance before striking an opponent. He was able to name every single karate term and performed them with dead accuracy.


Game of Death 2 1981
Game of Death 1978
Enter The Dragon 1973
The Unicorn Palm 1972
Way of the Dragon AKA Return of the Dragon 1972
Fist of Fury AKA The Chinese Connection 1972
The Big Boss AKA Fists of Fury 1971
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In the Face of Demolition 1953
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The Guiding Light 1953
Infancy 1951
The Kid 1950
Sai See in the Dream 1949
Wealth Is Like a Dream 1948
The Birth of mankind 1946
Golden Gate Girl 1941

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