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Best DVD / BluRay releases of 2008 
Written by: on December 7th, 2008

There were a lot of great releases this year and narrowing down the choices is never an easy task. Now without further ado. Here are 10kbullets picks for best releases for the year 2008.

The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue (Blue Underground)
“The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue is a classic zombie film with its ample amount of carnage and its clever ending that will leave you stunned.”Michael Den Boer

Bohachi Bushido: Clan of the Forgotten Eight (Discotek Media)
“Bohachi Bushido: Clan of the Forgotten Eight is one of the most remarkable and unforgettable films to emerge out of Toei’s Pinky Violence cinema movement.”Michael Den Boer

Karaoke Terror (Synapse Films)
“Karaoke Terror is an exceptional film that uses satire to convey its message about the escalating violence in today’s society.”Michael Den Boer

The Inglorious Bastards (Severin Films)
“The Inglorious Bastards is a kick ass action extravaganza that pulls no punches and takes no prisoners.”Michael Den Boer

Come Drink With Me (Dragon Dynasty)
“This film is heralded as a milestone in the development of martial arts film. Certainly it did blaze the trail for female protagonists such as Angela Mao and Michelle Yeoh.”Carroll Jenkins

Challenge of the Masters (Tokyo Shock)
“Challenge of the Masters is an underrated martial arts film that is waiting to be discovered by a wider audience.”Michael Den Boer

Heroes Of The East (Dragon Dynasty)
“The contests are exciting, the humor is funny, and the performances are excellent. A nice change from the typical revenge drama and a good introduction for a novice to Hong Kong films.”Carroll Jenkins

Exte: Hair Extensions (Tokyo Shock)
“Exte: Hair Extensions is a refreshing satirical take on J Horror films that twists the genre’s clichés on their head.”Michael Den Boer

Noriko’s Dinner Table (Bone House Asia)
“At just over two and half hours Noriko’s Dinner Table is an engrossing story that builds up to an unforgettable ending. The line from the film best sums up the film. “The only way to figure out what we can be… is to lie openly and pursue emptiness.”Michael Den Boer

A Day at the Beach (Code Red)
“A Day at the Beach is an unflinching look at a man whose addiction engulfs him in the end.”Michael Den Boer

Assault! Jack the Ripper (Mondo Macabro)
“Assault! Jack the Ripper is a nasty delicacy that pushes the boundaries of the Pinku Eiga genre like no other film that has come before or after it.”Michael Den Boer

Watcher in the Attic (Mondo Macabro)
“Watcher in the Attic is a bleak tale about loneliness and obsession.”Michael Den Boer

Executive Koala (Synapse Films)
“Executive Koala is truly unique film that brilliantly mixes dark humor and carnage.”Michael Den Boer

What? (Severin Films UK)
“can be exhausting at almost two hours yet is so unpredictable that any adventurous viewer cannot be anything but fascinated – if films such as REPULSION and THE TENANT are shadowy nightmares, than WHAT? is a feverish wet dream which leaves one roused but totally bewildered.”Christopher O’Neill

The Stendhal SyndromeBluRay (Blue Underground)
“The Stendhal Syndrome is Dario Argento’s most transitional film and only now is it finally getting the recognition it deserves for its daring and at times innovative take on the thriller genre.”, “Blue Underground’s transfer for this BluRay edition of The Stendhal Syndrome is hands down the best this film has ever looked on home video.”Michael Den Boer

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