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Best DVD releases of 2007 
Written by: on December 22nd, 2007
Another year is coming too a end and here is 10kbullets list for best releases for the year 2007.

The Films of Kenneth Anger – Volume 1 (Fantoma Films)
"Fantoma Films first volume of films by the legendary avant-garde filmmaker Kenneth Anger is an extraordinary release that not only comes with a wealth of extras. Each film has been immaculatently restored, highly recommended."Michael Den Boer

Shadow Warriors – Season one (Ronin Entertainment)
"What is there to like about Shadow Warriors everything and what could have been done better nothing. This is without a doubt the best season of Japanese television that I have ever seen. If you are a fan action, comedy and ninjas then you will thoroughly enjoy Shadow Warriors."Michael Den Boer

Malpertuis (Barrel Entertainment)
"Malpertuis is an extraordinary film that has been neglected for far too long. After year s of wilting away in obscurity hopefully fans of horror/supernatural films will finally discover Malpertuis and succumb to all of its devilish charms."Michael Den Boer

Ebola Syndrome (Discotek Media)
"Ultimately the content and tone of violence in the Ebola Syndrome may be too much for those with weak stomachs while those who like their carnage and depravity pushed to the extreme will thoroughly enjoy this film."Michael Den Boer

The Stendhal Syndrome (Blue Underground)
"The Stendhal Syndrome is Dario Argento’s most transitional film and only now is it finally getting the recognition it deserves for its daring and at times innovative take on the thriller genre."Michael Den Boer

Horrors of Malformed Men (Synapse Films/Panik House)
"Horrors of Malformed Men is not a film that you will easily digest or forget anytime soon after watching it. If you are a fan of surreal cinema which pushes the envelope with its shocking and often grotesque images/subject matter then do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Horrors of Malformed Men ASAP."Michael Den Boer

Flower & Snake ’74’ (Media Blasters/Tokyo Shock)
"Flower & Snake ‘74’ has all the right ingredients and a spellbinding performance from its lead actress Naomi Tani making it one of the best examples of what a Roman Porno should be."Michael Den Boer

Silip – Daughters Of Eve (Mondo Macabro)
"nothing is sacred not even religion in this film as director Elwood Perez manages to create a mesmerizing tell about murder, deceit and carnal lust. Silip is Mondo Macabro most ambitious and accomplished DVD release to date, highly recommended."Michael Den Boer

The Eroticist (Severin Films)
"The Eroticist is the kind of film that is going to divide Fucli fans into two groups those who only adore his gore films and those who are completists. If one goes into The Eroticist expecting a comedy instead of just viewing the film as a Lucio Fucli film then most will come away less then satisfied with the end results. Ultimately The Eroticist has all the style, substance and mayhem one would expect while watching a Lucio Fulci film."Michael Den Boer

A Chinese Torture Chamber Story (Discotek Media)
"Ultimately a Chinese Torture Chamber Story is a film that defies all logic and yet it is so much fun even despite its vulgar and often brutal subject matter."Michael Den Boer

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