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Best DVD releases of 2006 
Written by: on December 9th, 2006

Another year is coming to an end and we have decided that it is about time that 10kbullets does their first ever best DVD release of the year list. There where a lot of great titles many of which got exceptional releases and then some titles got short changed. Anyway here is 10kbullets list for best releases for the year 2006.

A Better Tomorrow: Ultimate Edition (Optimum Asia)
“Few films deserve the description “genre defining” but A Better Tomorrow does. Taking off where the heroic bloodshed of Chang Cheh left, John Woo defined and created the whole Bullet Ballet craze with this one film of brothers and blood.”John White

Darkness: The Vampire Version (Barrel Entertainment)
“The horror genre has long been a breeding ground for aspiring filmmakers who want to make it big. Filmmaker Leif Jonker’s first attempt at making Darkness in 1989 failed and few years later he would start all over again and what he create would become an instant underground horror classic.”Michael Den Boer

Debbie Does Dallas (Media Blasters/Raincoat Theatre)
“Finally definitive versions of adult cinema classics after year’s of these films being released from crappy looking VHS masters. Raincoat Theatre is new line of adult cinema classics produced by Media Blasters and with each new release it is apparent that these films are being given the royal treatment from people who care about these films.”Cliff Wood

The Devil in Miss Jones (Media Blasters/Raincoat Theatre)
The Devil in Miss Jones is truly one of the greatest adult films ever made and one would be hard pressed too name any other film
that so perfectly mixes mainstream sensibilities with hardcore sex.” Cliff Wood

Dust Devil: Limited Edition (Subversive Cinema)
“Subversive Cinema’s limited edition Dust Devil release is one of the most impressive DVD releases that I have ever had the pleasure to watch. What is even more amazing is that all this amazing content is available at a more then affordable price.”Michael Den Boer

Insatiable (Media Blasters/Raincoat Theatre)
“Insatiable shows that adult cinema can be something more then just sex films and in the twenty six years since its original release the film has not lost any of its power to seduce its viewers.” Cliff Wood

Luciano Ercoli Death Box Set (No Shame)
“No Shame’s The Luciano Ercoli Death Box Set is sure to find its way into every hard core giallo fans collection. It is hands down one the best DVD releases of 2006.”Michael Den Boer

Murder Rock (Media Blasters)
While other labels continue to neglect Fucli’s films on DVD by giving them bare bones DVD releases. Media Blasters continue too release fully loaded special editions DVD’s of Fulci’s films. Media Blasters Murder Rock release is without a doubt their best Fulci DVD release to date. Forget all previous releases of this title on DVD because Media Blasters release is the definitive version of Murder Rock on DVD.”Michael Den Boer

Phantom of the Paradise (Opening/Gaumont)
“This special edition DVD for Brian De Palma’s Phantom of the Paradise is truly an worth every penny if you are fan of this film and this is as close as we might ever see to this film ever getting a definitive DVD release.” Michael Den Boer

Ran (Optimum Asia)
“For those who have an attention to detail and who love art-house films, Ran is a film with greatness. No matter who you are, Ran easily stands as one of Akira Kurosawa’s top ten films. Optimum Asia produced this double disc special edition, a worthy addition to every collectors shelf.”Ron Cotton

Sister Street Fighter Collection (Ronin Entertainment)
“Ronin Entertainment’s Sister Street Fighter Collection is the Holy Grail fans of Etsuko Shihomi who live outside of Japan who have waited for too long for and for those who are initiated these films will without a doubt show you why Etsuko Shihomi is the first lady of action.”  – Michael Den Boer

Street Trash: Meltdown Edition (Synapse Films)
“Street Trash is 102 minutes of pure grind house fun as you get melting bodies, deceptions, severed genitals and some well placed moments of T&A.”Michael Den Boer

Virgins From Hell (Mondo Macabro)
“Virgins from Hell is a film that makes little or any sense at all and yet despite or may be of its flaws it makes for a highly entertaining adventure that quickly moves from scene to the next.”Michael Den Boer

The Virgin Spring (Criterion Collection)
“Virgin Spring carries the cross of inspiring many films on the subject of revenge but all that followed can not hold a candle to this masterpiece. This is a must watch.”John White

Walerian Borowczyk Collection (Cult Epics)
“Walerian Borowczyk has a distinct visual eye that is lyrical and lucid. Cult Epics Walerian Borowczyk collection collects three films from three distinctively different periods of Borowczyk’s long and varied career as a filmmaker.” – Michael Den Boer

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