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Best DVD / BluRay releases of 2015 
Written by: on December 28th, 2015

Another great year and narrowing down the choices was not an easy task. Now without further ado. Here are 10kbullets picks for best releases for the year 2015.

SexWorld: Limited Edition – BluRay / DVD / CD Combo (Vinegar Syndrome)
“They don’t make films like this anymore! SexWorld was made during a time when those working in the adult film industry tried to make something more than a series of strung together sex scenes. And the end result is a truly remarkable film that easily ranks amongst the best adult films ever made.”Cliff Wood

Thief: Limited Slipcase Edition – BluRay (Arrow Video)
“Thief is an extraordinary film that has not lost any of its allure.”Michael Den Boer

Day of Anger – BluRay / DVD Combo (Arrow Video / Arrow Video USA)
“There’s so much to take away here from Day of Anger, far more than might be expected from those who feel that the spaghetti western genre begins with revenge and ends with a gold heist. Instead, Tonino Valerii proved that you could tell a damn good story, with some serious emotional resonance that bears ripe fruit throughout repeated viewings.”George Pacheco

Gone with the Pope – BluRay / DVD Combo – (Grindhouse Releasing)
“When one puts into consideration all the hurdles that this film had to jump through before it finally received its home video debut via this exceptional release from Grindhouse Releasing. The end result is truly one of the most impressive home video releases of all time.”Michael Den Boer

Blood and Black Lace – BluRay / DVD Combo Release (Arrow Video)
“Where Bava’s previous giallo The Girl Who Knew Too Much, helped usher in a new era in regards to Italian made thrillers. With his next giallo Blood and Black Lace, he would make such a quantum leap that there have been very few giallo’s that have even come close to scratching the surface of what this film was able to achieve.”Michael Den Boer

San Babila ore 20: un delitto inutile – BluRay (Camera Obscura)
“San Babila ore 20: un delitto inutile can best be summed up as a melting pot of various genres which creates a genre unto its own. Trying to pin point this film into one single genre or any existing genres would be doing it a great disservice.”Michael Den Boer

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll And Miss Osbourne – BluRay / DVD Combo (Arrow Video / Arrow Video USA)
“Arrow Video rescues Walerian Borowczyk’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll And Miss Osbourne from obscurity by giving it an extraordinary release that firmly entrenches itself as one of their best releases to date.”Michael Den Boer

Vampyros Lesbos – BluRay (Severin Films)
“Vampyros Lesbos is the ultimate Jess Franco film and more than any other of his films, it captures the essence of his cinematic style.”Michael Den Boer

She Killed in Ecstasy – BluRay (Severin Films)
“She Killed in Ecstasy is an extraordinary film that makes a perfect companion piece to Vampyros Lesbos.”Michael Den Boer

Some Call it Loving – BluRay / DVD Combo (Etiquette Pictures)
“Etiquette Pictures launches its label with an exceptional debut release for Some Call it Loving, an extraordinary film that has for far too long languished in obscurity.”Michael Den Boer

Young Like it Hot / Sweet Young Foxes: Limited Edition – BluRay / DVD Combo (Vinegar Syndrome)
“Vinegar Syndrome could not have picked more perfect pair then these two titles for their first Peekarama Blu-Ray release. And if this exceptional release is any indication of what is yet to come from Vinegar Syndrome, then things are looking very good for fans of classic adult cinema.”Cliff Wood

A Lizard in a Woman’s Skin – BluRay / DVD / CD Combo (Le Chat Qui Fum)
“Lucio Fulci is now receiving the acclaim that had eluded him his whole life. He was a diverse director who made masterpieces out virtually nothing and with A Lizard in a Woman’s Skin he creates one the golden age of giallo’s finest moments that has to be seen to truly appreciate it.”Michael Den Boer

Videodrome: Limited Edition – BluRay / DVD Combo (Arrow Video)
“The end result is extraordinary film that hasn’t lost any of potency after all these years.”Michael Den Boer

My Darling Clementine / Frontier Marshall: Limited Edition – BluRay (Arrow Academy)
“My Darling Clementine gets an excellent release from Arrow Academy that firmly entrenches itself as one of the best home video releases of the year.”Michael Den Boer

The Reflecting Skin: Zavvi Exclusive Edition Steelbook – BluRay (Soda Pictures)
“The Reflecting Skin gets a definitive release from Soda Pictures.” Michael Den Boer

Short Night of Glass Dolls – BluRay (Camera Obscura)
“What this film lacks in blood letting it more than makes up for with its truly disturbing climax which is arguably one of the Italian thriller’s most frightening death scenes.”Michael Den Boer

Marquis de Sade’s Justine: Limited Edition – Blu-Ray / DVD / CD Combo (Blue Underground)
“When it comes to moments of sadism this film actually holds up very well in this regard. With the most satisfying moments in this regard involving the perverted priests whose only quest in life is that of finding absolute pleasure.”Michael Den Boer

Eugenie… the Story of Her Journey into Perversion: Limited Edition – Blu-Ray / DVD / CD Combo (Blue Underground)
“When compared to Marquis de Sade’s Justine the first thing that immediately grabs you while watching Eugenie… the Story of Her Journey into Perversion is how much more explicit of adaption it is then its predecessor. And nowhere is this more evident then in its graphic deception of sexuality and sadism.”Michael Den Boer

Count Dracula – BluRay (Severin Films)
“Jess Franco’s Count Dracula features one of Christopher Lee’s best performances of his career.”Michael Den Boer

What Have You Done to Solange? – BluRay / DVD Combo (Arrow Video / Arrow Video USA)
“What Have You Done to Solange? is film that is in a class all of its own as one of the best examples of what the giallo genre has to offer.”Michael Den Boer

Thundercrack!: 40th Anniversary Edition – BluRay (Synapse Films)
“If there was ever any doubt that the 1970s were the most prolific period for transgressive cinema, then Synapse’s 40th anniversary Blu-Ray for filmmaker Curt McDowell’s Thundercrack! serves as the proverbial proof in the pudding.”George Pacheco

The Films of Frederick R. Friedel: Axe / Kidnapped Coed / Bloody Brothers – BluRay / CD Combo (Severin Films)
“Filmmaker Frederick Friedel cemented his cinematic legacy in 1974 and 1976 when he released his two defining pictures, both of which have been lovingly restored here by Severin Films, and stacked to the rafters with extras.”George Pacheco

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