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Best DVD / BluRay releases of 2014 
Written by: on December 12th, 2014

Another great year and narrowing down the choices was not an easy task. Now without further ado. Here are 10kbullets picks for best releases for the year 2014.

Sex Hunter (Impulse Pictures)
“Nikkatsu’s Pinku films are known for their perverse and often shocking moments. Sex Hunter doesn’t disappoint or hold back. This film includes whippings, rope bondage, orgies, lesbians, golden showers, snowballing, incest and a coke bottle enema. The subject matter is pretty excessive even for a Pinku Film. The most memorable dialog in the films occurs right after Miki is given a coke bottle enema. ‘We should share a coke more often’. The films climax ranks among the most memorable to ever close a Pinku film.”Michael Den Boer

Phantom of the Paradise: BluRay – AV and SF  (Arrow Video) and (Shout! Factory)
“Phantom of the Paradise is one of the most entertaining musicals ever made”Michael Den Boer

Nine Guests for a Crime – (Camera Obscura)
“Overall yet another impressive release from Camera Obscura that fits in nicely with their ever growing Italian Genre Cinema Collection.”Michael Den Boer

White of the Eye – BluRay / DVD Combo (Arrrow Video)
“Anyone expecting a mechanical by the numbers body count film should look elsewhere, while those with the fortitude to sit through this cerebral exploration into the world of violent behavior will find a film deep in subtext and ultimately a rewarding experience.”Michael Den Boer

The Swimmer – BluRay / DVD Combo (Grindhouse Releasing)
“The Swimmer is a truly unique and fantastic film experience; one which is brought here in its definitive home video presentation from Grindhouse Releasing.”George Pacheco

Sisters – BluRay / DVD Combo (Arrow Video)
“Sisters is a film that continues to fascinate and remain shocking after all these years.”Michael Den Boer

Theatre of Blood – BluRay / DVD Combo (Arrow Video)
“Right from the get go this film establishes an infectious tone in which makes it near impossible not to root for the killer. Also unlike an atypical horror film where frightening the viewer is the number one adjective. This film’s goes against the grain with its tongue and cheek humor, which also helps lessen the blow on some of the more gruesome deaths. There are so many factors that make or break a film and in regards to Theatre of Blood is it one of those rare occasions where everything just seems to fall in place. With that being said, it is not difficult to see how this film was Vincent Price’s favorite film that he worked on.”Michael Den Boer

Countess Dracula – BluRay / DVD Combo (Synapse Films)
“Countess Dracula is a resilient film that continues to draw viewers into its web of seduction.” Michael Den Boer

Death Bed: The Bed That Eats – BluRay (Cult Epics)
“In what would turn out to be his first and only foray as a filmmaker George Barry creates a truly unique experience that for that reason alone deserves very high marks.”Michael Den Boer

The Killer Reserved Nine Seats – BluRay (Camera Obscura)
“The Killer Reserved Nine Seats is a highly entertaining supernatural thriller that delivers the goods and then some.”Michael Den Boer

Bound – BluRay / DVD Combo (Arrow Video)
“Bound gets a definitive release from Arrow Video that easily ranks as one of the strongest home video release of the year, highly recommended.”Michael Den Boer

Cannibal Holocaust – BluRay (Grindhouse Releasing)
“When looking over this release content wise there is not an area that does not deliver and in most cases then some. Making this release not only essential for fans of this film, but fans of Italian exploitation cinema, highly recommended.”Michael Den Boer

Camera Obscura: The Walerian Borowczyk CollectionWalerian Borowczyk Short Films and Animation / Goto, Isle of Love / Blanche / Immoral Tales / The Beast (Arrow Academy)
“Goto, Isle of Love is a compelling story that will hold your gaze and linger on in your mind long after its tragic final moments.”Michael Den Boer
“Blanche is a riveting melodrama that have languished in obscurity for far too long.”Michael Den Boer
“Walerian Borowczyk has a distinct visual eye that is lyrical and lucid. Everything about The Beast is done with the utmost care and each scene is beautifully photographed by cinematography by Bernard Daillencourt. Overall The Beast is a truly unique film from a one of a kind artist.”Michael Den Boer

Stagefright: BluRay – EC and BU (Exposure Cinema) and (Blue Underground)
“Stagefright is an exceptional film and one of the last great thrillers to emerge out of Italian cinema in the last thirty years.”Michael Den Boer

Cry for Cindy / Touch Me / Act of Confessions – DVD (Vinegar Syndrome)
“All three of the films look great, particularly Touch Me, which was previously released as part of Alpha Blue Archives’ “Rene Bond Collection” in a scratchy, ugly looking print which appeared sourced from 16mm. Sound is universally solid here, as well, particularly on Cry for Cindy and its composed score. Additionally, Vinegar Syndrome includes the softcore cut of Cindy here as a bonus, making this triple feature a welcome addition to the label’s archives.”George Pacheco

The Slave – BluRay / DVD Combo (Mondo Macabro)
“Mondo Macabo makes its Blu-Ray debut with an exceptional release for The Slave and if this is any indication for what is yet to come from Mondo Macabro, then the future looks very good for cult cinema fans, highly recommended.”Michael Den Boer

Billy Bagg Double Feature: The Violation of Claudia / Hot Honey – DVD (Distribpix / Sweetheart Theaters, Inc.)
“Distribpix Inc. has answered this call, delivering what is quite possibly one of the most highly anticipated triple X double features of the year. The company’s Hot Honey and Violation of Claudia arrive here both with fantastic anamorphic widescreen prints-Claudia had been released previously in a full-frame DVD-packed to the gills with extras.”George Pacheco

Nekromantik: BluRay – CE and AV (Cult Epics) and (Arrow Video)
“Since the beginning of cinema filmmakers have been forced to create within a confined area that far too often dilutes their vision. Thankfully not all filmmakers are content to just toe the line and that is why films like Nekromantik exists. Ultimately Nekromantik is a truly unique cinema experience that is best summed up as ‘cinema without boundaries’.”Michael Den Boer

Hot & Saucy Pizza Girls – DVD (Vinegar Syndrome)
“A good script with excellent dialogue and a great cast results in a film that is quirky and funny and a solid ‘porno chic’ feature and not just for the raincoat crowd.”Jimmy the Gent

Dracula Sucks – DVD (Vinegar Syndrome)
Dracula Sucks receives a presentation from Vinegar Syndrome which is second to none.”George Pacheco

Boy Meets Girl – BluRay (Carlotta Films U.S.)
“Boy Meets Girl is an exceptional melodrama that lingers on in your mind long after its poignant climax.”Michael Den Boer

Mauvais Sang – BluRay (Carlotta Films U.S.)
“Mauvais Sang is a truly unique cinematic experience that is unlike anything that has come before or since.”Michael Den Boer

Pretty Peaches: Limited Edition – BluRay / DVD Combo (Vinegar Syndrome)
“Pretty Peaches is a solid example of adult cinema from its Golden age.”Cliff Wood

Batman ’66: The Complete Television Series – DVD (Warner Home Video)
“The image quality is absolutely astounding and just as pop art and mind blowing as it was in 1966 – but more so with the meticulous restoration”Carroll Jenkins

Lesson of Evil – BluRay (Third Window Films)
“Lesson of Evil is a satisfying mix of mayhem and dark humor that make for a highly entertaining film that fans of Miike are sure to thoroughly enjoy.”Michael Den Boer

The Girl Who Knew Too Much – BluRay / DVD Combo (Arrow Video)
“The Girl Who Knew Too Much gets a definitive release from Arrow Video, highly recommended.”Michael Den Boer

Come Cani Arrabbiati – BluRay (Camera Obscura)
“Overall Camera Obscura have put together an exceptional release that easily ranks as one our favorite releases this year, highly recommended.”Michael Den Boer

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