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Best DVD / BluRay releases of 2013 
Written by: on December 12th, 2013

Another great year and narrowing down the choices was not an easy task. Now without further ado. Here are 10kbullets picks for best releases for the year 2013.

The Lost Films of H.G. Lewis – BluRay / DVD Combo – The Ecstasies of Women / Linda and Abilene / Black Love (Vinegar Syndrome)
“Overall three rarely seen H.G. Lewis films finally arrive on home video via a superb release from Vinegar Syndrome. And if this release is any indication of what is yet to come from this new boutique label, the future is looking very good from cult movie enthusiasts.”Michael Den Boer

Fairy in a Cage (Impulse Pictures)
“Director Kôyû Ohara presents a rather artistic treatment and the screenplay is imbued throughout with a perverse sense of humor that certainly helps make this feature more enjoyable.”Carroll Jenkins

Black Sabbath – BluRay / DVD Combo Release (Arrow Video)
“In all, truthfully you can’t really go wrong with any of the three tales of the macabre that make up Mario Bava’s seminal horror film, Black Sabbath.”Michael Den Boer

Spirits of Death (Camera Obscura)
“One would be hard pressed to name a boutique label that takes more chances and lavishes each and every one of its releases with the utmost care that Camera Obscura does. Currently we live in a time when the majority of boutique labels are playing safe with constant re-releases and releasing titles from already existing masters. Overall this is yet another exceptional release from Camera Obscura who time and again put out releases that are head and shoulders above the work of their peers.”Michael Den Boer

For Love’s Sake – BluRay (Third Window Films)
“Overall For Love’s Sake gets a first rate release from Third Window Films.”Michael Den Boer

Street Trash – Special Meltdown Edition – BluRay (Synapse Films)
“Overall Street Trash gets a first rate Hi Def make over from Synapse Films, who continue to raise the bar with each new BluRay release.”Michael Den Boer

The Unseen (Scorpion Releasing)
“The Unseen receives an excellent presentation from Scorpion Releasing.”George Pacheco

Fernando Di Leo Crime Collection 2 – BluRay – Naked Violence / Shoot First, Die Later / Kidnap Syndicate – (Raro Video USA)
“Overall this is yet another exceptional release from Raro USA who continue to be the forerunners of Italian cinema on home video, highly recommended.”Michael Den Boer

Seconds -BluRay (Criterion Collection)
“Ultimately Seconds is provocative film about the choices one makes and the consequences of these choices.”Michael Den Boer

Barbara Broadcast – BluRay / DVD Combo Pack (Video X Pix)
“Overall, Barbara Broadcast serves as yet another feather in the cap for Distribpix Inc., and thus far runs unchallenged as THE home video release of 2013.”George Pacheco

The Last American Virgin – BluRay (Arrow Video)
“Ultimately The Last American Virgin is a thought provoking and at times unflinching exploration of adolescence that deeply resonates long after its final moment of clarity.”Michael Den Boer

Top Sensation – (Camera Obscura)
“Top Sensation for many cult movie enthusiasts is a Holy Grail film and after years of patiently waiting for it to gets its just due on home video. It’s time to shine has finally arrived via a impressive release from Camera Obscura who once again do a remarkable job with a film that most boutique labels would have passed on due to the shortcomings of available source materials.”Michael Den Boer

An American Hippie in Israel – DVD / BluRay Combo (Grindhouse Releasing)
“Grindhouse Releasing has certainly pulled out all the stops here for their release of An American Hippie in Israel”George Pacheco

Corruption – DVD / BluRay Combo (Grindhouse Releasing)
“it’s deliciously good fun to see the usually reserved, classic horror acting of Cushing let loose a bit here, as the actor takes to task the slashing and dismembering of more than one unsuspecting female here in Corruption.”George Pacheco

How to Seduce a Virgin (Mondo Macabro)
“Overall How to Seduce a Virgin is a classic example of how Jess Franco could take the most basic ingredients and create something that is well beyond the sum of all of its parts.”Michael Den Boer

Hidden in the Woods (Artsploitation Films)
“With such a direct in your face title like Hidden in the Woods it should not come as surprise that was is lurking in the woods is a heaping serving of sadism and misogyny. All served up in the guise of a revenge themed thriller.”Michael Den Boer

The Fury – BluRay (Arrow Video)
“Ultimately despite its shortcomings The Fury is a vastly underrated film that should sit firmly next to Brian De Palma’s more highly regarded films.”Michael Den Boer

Maniac Cop 2 – BluRay / DVD Combo (Blue Underground)
“Ultimately Maniac Cop 2 is an exceptional sequel that also makes a strong case as William Lustig’s crowning achievement as a filmmaker.”Michael Den Boer

Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence – BluRay / DVD Combo (Blue Underground)
“Overall Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence gets a first rate release from Blue Underground.”Michael Den Boer

The Big Gundown – BluRay / DVD Combo (Grindhouse Releasing)
“Overall The Big Gundown gets exceptional release from Grindhouse Releasing that is sure to be at the top of most critics best of the year lists, highly recommended.”Michael Den Boer

The Hot Nights of Linda – BluRay / DVD Combo (Severin Films)
“Overall The Hot Nights of Linda gets a first rate release from Severin Films, highly recommended.”Michael Den Boer

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