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Best DVD / BluRay releases of 2012 
Written by: on December 31st, 2012

Another year with a lot of great releases this year and narrowing down the choices was not an easy task. Now without further ado. Here are 10kbullets picks for best releases for the year 2012.

Naked Came the Stranger (Video X Pix)
“Ultimately Naked Came the Stranger is a satisfying mix of erotica and humor that fans of the Golden Age of cinema should thoroughly enjoy.” – Cliff Wood

Fernando Di Leo Crime Collection / BluRay – Caliber 9 / The Italian Connection / The Boss / Rulers of the City (Raro Video)
“Overall the Fernando Di Leo Crime Collection gets a strong Hi Def upgrade from Raro Video” – Michael Den Boer

The House on Sorority Row – Katrina’s Nightmare Theater (Scorpion Releasing)
“Overall The House on Sorority Row gets a definitive release from Scorpion Releasing.” – Michael Den Boer

Four Flies on Grey Velvet – BluRay (Shameless Screen Entertainment)
“Ultimately Four Flies on Grey Velvet is an underrated thriller that has remained in the shadows for far too long.” – Michael Den Boer

La Orca (Camera Obscura)
“Ultimately La Orca is a extraordinary film that examines with the utmost precision, how easily the line that divides captive and captor can be blurred.” – Michael Den Boer

The House by the Cemetery – BluRay / DVD Combo (Arrow Video)
“Though not as well known or held in as high of regard as the other two films that make up Lucio Fulci’s ‘Death Trilogy’, I have always had a soft spot for The House by the Cemetery, because of the way in which this film puts its adolescent characters in peril and the film’s haunting coda which is arguably one of Lucio Fulci’s finest moments as a filmmaker.” – Michael Den Boer

Tropic of Cancer (Camera Obscura)
“When it comes to Italian thrillers, one of the main draws are its death sequences. It is in this regard that this film does not come out smelling like roses. Since the majority of the kills lack the flair that one has come to expect from Italian thrillers. Ultimately Tropic of Cancer is a bewitching cocktail of sex, voodoo and murder, that is ripe for rediscovery.” – Michael Den Boer

Countess Perverse (Mondo Macabro)
“Overall Countess Perverse is yet another extraordinary release from Mondo Macabro, who continue to raise the with each new Jess Franco film that they release.” – Michael Den Boer

Love Exposure – BluRay (Third Window Films)
“When compared to the other Sion Sono film’s which I have seen. Love Exposure is easily his most accomplished and in many ways his most accessible film to date. By far and away Love Exposure’s greatest strength is its ability to remain entertaining and at the same time thought provoking.” – Michael Den Boer

Savage Streets: 2-Disc Remastered Edition – Katarina’s Kat Skratch Cinema (Scorpion Releasing)
“Overall Savage Streets gets a exceptional release from Scorpion Releasing that is by far and away this films best home video release to date.” – Christopher O’Neill

The Night of the Devils – BluRay (Raro Video)
“Night of the Devils receives a superb treatment from the ever-reliable Raro Video.” – George Pacheco

Forbidden Photos of a Lady above Suspicion (Camera Obscura)
“I have always had a strange infinity with the thriller genre, in particular the Italian thrillers better known as giallo’s. And in a time when it seems that this genre has all but been forgotten. It is refreshing to see a company like Camera Obscura release another Giallo on DVD, even one that had been released before on DVD. Overall Camera Obscura gives Forbidden Photos of a Lady above Suspicion its strongest home video release to date, highly recommended.” – Michael Den Boer

The Opening of Misty Beethoven – BluRay (Video X Pix)
“Overall The Opening of Misty Beethoven is not just the best XXX home video release of the year, it is by far and away the cult home video release of the year, highly recommended.” – Cliff Wood


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