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10kbullets celebrates ten years with Michael Den Boer’s top 10 must have home video releases 
Written by: on April 1st, 2014

Time flies. It is hard to believe that 10kbullets has been around for ten years already. So what a better way to celebrate such an event, then to then compile a top ten list of titles that have come out since the dawn of DVD (the format that cemented my addiction to cinema). When I first thought of compiling such a list, I actually thought it would be much easier task then it turned out to be. Where our year lists only consisted of twelve months to choose from. I had almost fifteen years of titles at my disposal that I had to narrow down to a mere ten titles. For my list I decided to focus more on titles that we have covered on 10kbullets and now without further ado, here is my top ten list of must have home video releases.

Sex and Fury   DVD   US   R1   2005   Panik House
“Sex & Fury has it all nuns with switchblades, iconic religious imagery, sadistic torture sequences and plenty of flesh in on parade, highly recommended.”

Assault! Jack the Ripper   DVD   US   R0   2009   Mondo Macabro
“Assault! Jack the Ripper is a nasty delicacy that pushes the boundaries of the Pinku Eiga genre like no other film that has come before or after it.”

Sinner: The Secret Diary of a Nymphomaniac   DVD   US   R1   2010 Mondo Macabro
“What makes Sinner so enjoyable is the journey of why Linda died and not who killed her. Sinner is a De Sade like morality tale about loss of innocence and the aftermath that follows.”

Once Upon a Time in The West   BR   US   R0   2011   Paramount Pictures
“Once Upon a Time in The West is Sergio Leone’s most character driven and intimate that is loaded with exquisite photography and outstanding performances from all the cast. Overall Once Upon a Time in The West is truly a landmark that we are likely to never see the likes of such a film ever again.”

Four Flies on Grey Velvet   BR   UK   RO   2012   Shameless Screen Entertainment
“Four Flies on Grey Velvet is an underrated thriller that has remained in the shadows for far too long.”

The Opening of Misty Beethoven   BR   US   R0   2012 Video X Pix
“The Opening of Misty Beethoven is visual feast for the eyes that set the standards for adult cinema so high that no other film has come close to ever eclipsing its majesty.”

Black Sabbath   BR / DVD Combo   UK   RB   2014  Arrow Video
“Content wise, there is no denying the overall impact of the three tales that make up, Black Sabbath. Which is arguably Mario Bava’s definitive statement on the horror film genre. These are not just your run of the mill things that go bump in the night exercises in scaring horror film audiences. Each segment relies equally on all of its parts, it’s robust visuals, utterly convincing performances and it’s deliberate use of sound. With this film’s most diabolical asset being the way in which it involves the viewer in a Hitchcockian way to experience the mounting terror that engulfs each protagonist.”

Top Sensation   DVD   Germany   R2   2013   Camera Obscura
“Top Sensation for many cult movie enthusiasts is a Holy Grail film and after years of patiently waiting for it to gets its just due on home video. It’s time to shine has finally arrived via a impressive release from Camera Obscura who once again do a remarkable job with a film that most boutique labels would have passed on due to the shortcomings of available source materials.”

The Big Gundown   BR / DVD Combo   US   R0   2013   Grindhouse Releasing
“The Big Gundown is an expertly crafted story that was co-scripted Sergio Donati who was a frequent collaborator of director Sergio Leone. Some of the feel of the story echoes Leone’s previous spaghetti westerns that were made before The Big Gundown. Overall despite being the most traditional of the three westerns that Sollima directed The Big Gundown is still easily one of the genre’s stronger efforts.”

Phantom of the Paradise   BR   UK   RB   2014   Arrow Video
“Phantom of the Paradise is one of the most entertaining musicals ever made and it only gets better with each new viewing, highly recommend.”

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